A: For Shopify users, our app costs $30 a month, however there is a 14 day free trial for all 1st time users. We also recently launched our free plan CustomCat Lite. It has all of the same great features, however each item in the catalog will cost you $2 more.

There aren’t any subscription fees associated with our app for WooCommerce, CSV or API Clients.

A: We have a feature currently in BETA testing called Orders by CSV, which allows you to submit orders to us through a spreadsheet and then map the info to our products and our production system. Unlike using our current shopping cart platform integrations like Shopify or WooCommerce, this spreadsheet is solely used for submitting orders on a per-submission basis. It is not responsible for creating mockups or pushing orders through automatically. It is a way for you to sell our products using a 3rd party site and submit the order information to us to fulfill and ship. Until we have a full integration with the 3rd party selling site that you are or want to sell on, this is the best way to bridge the gap between that site and CustomCat.

Submitting Orders by CSV is not for everyone. We ask you to submit a request to use this service here: https://www.customcat.com/?t=h.order-csv . Someone will be contacting you shortly to let you know next steps.

A: We currently have an app for Shopify and WooCommerce. Shopify users would need to download our app through the Shopify app store.
Once the app has been downloaded, you can access the CustomCat dashboard from your Shopify admin center.

If you are using WooCommerce, then you would create and access your CustomCat account from our website. Here is the link: https://www.customcat.com/?t=h.woo-info

If you do not have one of the platforms that we mentioned above, and have a programmer on your team, then you can use our API integration. Again, API requires a programmer in order to get you connected and to send orders to us.
API: https://www.customcat.com/?t=h.api


A: Yes. As long as you have a Shopify or WooCommerce store, you can use the CustomCat app. We also ship internationally.

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept PayPal and Payoneer. You can add or update your payment method in the “Your Account” section at anytime.  Also, make sure that set up a payment source in Shopify AND in CustomCat. This will allow you to get paid (through Shopify) and pay us (through CustomCat).

A: You are able to change your URL at any time, but make sure to contact CustomCat after you do so to ensure that any new orders will still be automatically processed.

In order to cancel your subscription, you must complete the following TWO steps.  **It is important to note that only doing one of the two steps DOES NOT necessarily mean your subscription will be successfully canceled.**  

1)   Delete the CustomCat Application

2)   Email contact@customcat.com with your purchase details.  You must provide the receipt of purchase, PayPal email account, or email listed when you purchased the subscription.

A: Keep in mind that orders process once every 2 hours on the half hour (ex: 2:30 pm est., 4:30 pm est.) according to the CustomCat order batch schedule. Once the batch hits, the CustomCat app captures all of your Shopify orders that have “customcat” listed as the vendor.  If you do not see your order reflecting on your CustomCat orders dashboard, go to your SHOPIFY ORDERS and make sure that you have not clicked “fulfill order” for the order in question. Leave the order as unfulfilled. Lastly, make sure that your settings are filled out correctly in Shopify and in CustomCat. To ensure the Shopify settings are correct, please go to “Settings” (it is a little gear button on the bottom, left corner).  From there, go to “Checkout”, scroll down to the field called “After an order has been paid” and make sure the option checked is “Do not automatically fulfill any of the order’s line items”. Now, that the Shopify settings are correct, make sure the CustomCat settings are also correct. Go into the CustomCat app, click the green button titled, “Go To Settings”, and make sure the “Auto-Process Orders section is turned to “Auto Process Orders: Yes”.  he  If you think there is an issue, please send an email to contact@customcat.com immediately.

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A: Direct to Garments and Sublimation printing allows us to print virtually anything, so there are no limits in design colors or details. That being said, we do not have any fees associated with the design type. We also do not have any embroidery set up fees at all, but please review our art guidelines before creating any products with us.
Artwork Guidelines:

You are able to print on the front, back or left chest of a DTG garment, without any additional fees associated with it. The price in the catalog in your app, includes one print location. However, if you do decide to create a product with 2 print locations such as front and back or left chest and back, there will be an additional cost of $5 added to that garment price.

A: We do not assume responsibility for copyrighted images sent to us for decoration. By downloading the app and opting into our terms and agreements, you are stating that you are authorized to manufacture products with that design. If you have recently obtained the right to print copyrighted images, feel free to send us the documentation to contact@customcat.com.

A: Yes. CustomCat automatically trims the blank space around your design and places it in the most commonly desired area of product. If you wish to customize the position of the design or change the size you can after selecting your products and moving on to the review/export page. If you click the green + in the top left of each product you will enter the “design positioning” feature. From this screen you will have the option to choose between a few different presets. If you wish to enlarge, shrink or move the design, select the “customize” preset. You can click and drag the design within the design area predetermined for each product and click and drag the corner of the design to change the size. Note – embroidery products cannot be altered from the preset design placement.

A: We will not be able to process designs that are overly intricate for embroidery. We suggest using a simplified design with no more than a 2 color gradient. Stick to fonts that are larger than .15 inches in height and simplify any distressed designs. Please refer to our Art Guidelines, which goes into these requirements in more detail.

A: To ensure the highest quality product, we prefer high resolution .png (with transparent background) or .jpg files (minimum 1200x1200px at 300 dpi). Photos taken from a cell phone at 72dpi will also be accepted. We also accept vector formats .ai, .svg, and .eps.  Please refer to our Art Guidelines, which goes into these requirements in more detail.


A: Our current selection of products can be decorated by DTG (Direct to Garment Printing), Embroidery and dye sublimation (Flat and 3D).

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A: It is industry standard that plus sizes always have an upcharge, as they do for us from our vendor. Larger sizes require more fabric which in turn makes the price higher. In general, the upcharges are one of the following: For items with 6XL sizing, like the $6 t-shirt – 2XL/3XL is $2 more, 4XL $4 more and 5XL/6XL is $5 more For items with 5XL sizing – 2XL is $2 more, 3XL $3 more, 4XL $4 more, 5XL $5 more For items with 4XL sizing – 2XL is $2 more, 3XL $3 more, 4XL $4 more.

A: Size charts are located in the product description that can be seen first in the review and export page. The base cost of the product is listed on the product catalog as well as the review and export page.

A: Yes. You can upload your own mockups to the product page in Shopify but it is important to make sure that your mockup is representative of the original mockup created in the app and that you do not change the sku or vendor information when editing the product page.

A: You can use the “Add Grouping” feature during the “review/export” phase in order to “group” or list multiple products within one product listing. When you group multiple products together, there will be one product title with multiple product styles listed within a drop down menu. Note: Some themes will require that the color and size titles match across each product in the group. You can edit the color and size titles in Shopify > Products.

A: We will be introducing more all over print options to our Dye Sub category in the very near future!

A: We offer over 350 different products ranging from printed t-shirts and hoodies to embroider snapback hats and aprons. In addition, we offer Hi-Res HD photography to be printed on some of our merchandise. We carry over 50 quality brands such as Gildan, Next-Level, Bella + Canvas, and Hanes, Port & Co., and Adidas just to name a few.

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A: To make it easy on our sellers, we offer flat rate shipping for both economy and international orders.
For economy shipping we use UPS Surepost/UPS mail innovations if shipping domestically and international orders will ship via UPS/UPS mail innovations. Both UPS SurePost and Mail innovations are handled by UPS and delivered by the postal service.

You can also add expedited shipping to your cart by following these instructions: https://blog.customcat.com/expedited-shipping%E2%80%8B/
Domestic Expedited Options:
1. Ground – Delivery time depends on the location (map located in blog post)
2. 2Day- 2 business day delivery
3. Overnight- 1 business day delivery

A: We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee our workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge. It is not within our normal policy to refund orders or items. We typically do not accept returns, refunds or replacements due to user error such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc.

A: Most likely the package was returned due to an undeliverable address. Other instances include the package remaining unclaimed or refused/returned by your customer. If a package is returned to CustomCat, it will be donated upon receipt. We will not be contacting you if your customer returns a package for any reason. No package should ever be returned, by your customer, to our fulfillment center. Our receiving department is here to get the blank product on the floor for decoration. We are not the intermediary between the customer and the seller so be sure to update your FAQs, return policies, etc. Your customers should never ship their decorated orders back to Detroit for any reason. It is very important that you reform your store’s Return Policy. Any arrangements for returns, or exchanges, consistent to your posted policies on your websites, need to be handled between the buyer and the seller. The merchant is responsible for replacing the package if the address error was not a mistake make on CustomCat’s end.

A:  Sellers are able to enter their own Company Address to be displayed on the return label if they wish to handle their own returns. This new option is available in your app settings. Please review your app settings to confirm the address you entered is what you would like printed on your shipping label. Your store name will also be listed on the label as well.

If you are operating your business outside the United States of America or do not wish to receive any returns to your address, please enter our address in your app settings:

1300 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48216


We ask that you do not list our address on the front end of your online store.

*Please note that any returns sent back to our facility are donated upon receipt.

A: On average, merchandise is produced and shipped from our facility 2-3 business days after purchase. Standard shipping/transit times apply (1-8 days for domestic and 1-4 weeks for international).

A: International shipments may incur customs fees depending on the country and their regulations. Any customs fees are to be paid to the appropriate customs agency by the customer. We do not charge you any taxes, but how the taxes get passed on to customers is based on where you setup your business location. But again,your cart platform’s support team would probably be able to give you a more detailed answer, including what form of currency to use. All products prices listed in our app though are USD.

A: Please reference our shipping blog post for shipping cost based on product and country. 

Canvas, posters and stickers do not use the same shipping logic.

Please check out the following blog posts for more information:

Canvas Selling Guide

Poster Selling Guide

Sticker Selling Guide

A: Our production facility is automated for processing orders as fast as possible so your customer gets the order ASAP. Unfortunately, because of our automated process, any requests to change an order must be submitted before the item has entered production. We offer for sellers the ability within your own CC app dashboard to put an order on hold by clicking the green circular button . This prevents it from being ordered and put into production, which allows customer service an opportunity to make any changes. Once the change is made, the order is taken off hold and put back into the system. If it already says ‘Being Fulfilled’ though, it is too late to put it on hold. Once an order has entered production, it is going to be decorated and we are no longer able to edit the order. Please utilize the size charts and have a detailed explanation available to your customers.

We ship worldwide but full tracking is only provided for these countries:


Great Britain







New Zealand


Hong Kong
























Any countries that are not listed above, tracking stops once the package is handed over to the international carrier. For these countries we do not receive additional tracking updates, therefore we are not liable once they have been given to the international carrier.

We do not ship to the following:

Cuba, Falkland Islands, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, and Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

IMPORTANT: Kanji, Foreign Characters, Accents, and other special characters cannot be used for shipping addresses.

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A: In order for our system to pick up an order and process it, the status would need to be in Open or unfulfilled status.
Once an order ships the status will be updated to Fulfilled in both the CustomCat and your store’s order dashboard, and it will trigger an email through your store to your customer that includes the tracking number. The tracking will also be posted in your CC dashboard for you to view once it ships.

A: When you make a sale the entire purchase price is paid to you by your customer through whatever payment processing you have setup on into your store, however we are not involved in that transaction. Normally payments that you receive into your store, are not deposited automatically to your account. Our system uses the payment source that is in your CustomCat dashboard, in order to process your orders. In order for CustomCat to fulfill your orders, you will need to resolve the issue with the current method or change your payment method in the CustomCat app.

A: For our system to grab an order, the status needs to be Unfulfilled (Shopify users), the vendor needs to be listed as CustomCat and the SKU field cannot be edited after exporting a product from our app.

The SKU is created in the app when you export our products which tell our system what garment/design/size the product print should be, for example: 22-113-45853-252. If you don’t have it any longer from when it originally exported through our app, you would need to re-export that product so it is created anew and has a new unique SKU generated. If you have received or placed any orders for items where the SKU is missing or has been altered, then you can put in manual orders to replace them.

A: You can view the status of an order by navigating to your CustomCat App dashboard. If you notice an order in your Shopify dashboard that doesn’t appear in your CustomCat dashboard, you will want to wait 2 hours at most before contacting us. CustomCat batches your Shopify orders every 2 hours (half past the hour). The order will show “unfulfilled” until the shipping label is printed and the package is ready to ship. At this point the status will change to “fulfilled” and the tracking number will be displayed for your use. Keep in mind that the customer is also sent the tracking automatically via Shopify email confirmation.

A: From the moment the order has processed, you have until the next production upload to hold the order. Production uploads occur at 6 am, 10am and 1pm Monday through Friday.

A: To make a change to an order, you must open your CustomCat app dashboard and go to “View Orders”.  From here you will have the ability to PAUSE the order using the little, green pause button. If the button switches to red, the order will successfully enter on hold status. At this point, you must notify contact@customcat.com with your requested action. You may request to change size, change color, cancel order, hold order until further notice, etc. If you try to hold an order that has already entered production, you will not be able to make changes and will be ineligible for a refund.  To avoid this, pause orders as soon as your customer tells you. Also, please do not grant a refund to your customer before checking to see if the order can be paused.

A: The “vendor” name must be set to “CustomCat” for your products you are having us fulfill. If you do not want the vendor name to display on your product page, you will need to edit this within your Shopify theme or install a new theme. Contact Shopify if you need help with this.

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