Everything You Need To Know About UPS & USPS Shipping

Shipping information can sometimes be nearly impossible to comprehend, and we totally get it.

Here is a simple guide that you can use  to answer customer questions about shipping. Refer to this guide when customers ask you any UPS & USPS shipping questions. 

Did you come across additional questions that aren’t mentioned in this article? Leave us a comment below. We’ll research it for you and will add it to this list. Thanks, friends!

IMPORTANT: We find that customers tend to get confused about tracking codes the most. Tracking code that starts with a number 9xxxxxxxx is a USPS code. Code that starts with a number 8xxxxxxxx is a UPS tracking system code.

Possible statuses for UPS packages

Order Processed: Ready for UPS

UPS has received the electronic transmission of the shipment details and billing information for this shipment from the sender. Once the load is moving within the UPS network, the tracking status will be updated.

Order Processed: In Transit to UPS / Package is in transit to a UPS facility

The shipment has been processed by the sender. Once the shipment is within the UPS network, an expected delivery date will be made available.

Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations

UPS Mail Innovations is a combined effort between UPS and USPS. With UPS Mail Innovations, packages are picked up by UPS and delivered to your customers by USPS.

When UPS Mail Innovations packages are handed off to USPS, that can cause a delay or a loss of ability to track your package for a certain amount of time, leaving your customers in unknown. 

It’s better to prepare your customers in advance in case this scenario occurs. 

Here’s a timeline breakdown to let your customers know what to expect. 

For more information, click here.

Drop Off / Pickup Scan / Origin Scan / Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations

UPS has received the shipment. 

Departure Scan / Package departed international carrier facility / Package departed UPS Mail Innovations facility enroute to USPS for induction / Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility / Package transferred to destination UPS Mail Innovations facility / The package will be forwarded to a UPS facility in the destination city.

The shipment has departed a UPS facility and is on its way to the next (final) UPS facility. The shipment is moving.

Export Scan

The shipment has cleared export procedures in the origin country.

Import Scan

The shipment has cleared import procedures in the receiving country.

The package arrived at the foreign customs office / Your package is awaiting release from the clearing agency for formal entry at the import location

Arrived at what you can call ‘a boarder’ where the shipment is checked to pass customs. 

Your package is awaiting release from the clearing agency / Your package is being processed at the clearance agency.

It may take a day or two for the package to be cleared, however with the products that CC offers passing customs shouldn’t be any problem.

Package cleared by the foreign customs office / Your package is awaiting release from the clearing agency for formal entry at the import location. / Your package was released by the clearing agency. / Your package was released by the customs agency.

The shipment was cleared at the border, and it’s on its way to the final destination. 

Destination Scan

The shipment has arrived at the local UPS facility responsible for final delivery.

The package arrived at Pick-Up-Point / Received by the local post office

 Mailman will deliver the package to your house tomorrow.

Package out for post office delivery / Out For Delivery Today / Out For Delivery / Loaded on Delivery Vehicle

The shipment has been sorted, loaded into a mail vehicle, and is scheduled to be delivered that day.

Delivered / DELIVERED / Package delivered by local post office / Package delivered by post office

The shipment has reached its destination, and the date and time of delivery have been recorded.

The receiver was not available for delivery. We'll make a second attempt for the next business day.

Sometimes, the package is taken to the UPS Access Point for pickup after the first attempted failed delivery.

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