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Click on Apps > About.

You will be redirected to the CustomCat – Print on Demand About App Page. Click on Write Review.

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Click on Submit review

Attention: You can only review apps that you’ve installed within the past 45 days and you must be on a Shopify paid plan. 

If you are just getting started and are currently selling with the 14-day free trial, you must subscribe to a plan first and simultaneously wait 45 days to leave a review.  

How do I automatically apply CustomCat shipping prices to my Shopify store?

The Shopify Advanced plan allows you to override your store’s shipping rates with CustomCat’s live rates. You can also use this feature for other Shopify plans by contacting Shopify and requesting they add live rates for an extra $20 per month.

Do I need to mark my orders to fulfilled status when receiving orders in Shopify?

Nope! Once an order ships the status will be updated to Fulfilled status in both the CustomCat app and Shopify order dashboards and it will trigger an email through Shopify to your customer that includes the tracking number. The tracking will also be posted in your CC dashboard for you to view once it ships. If you have set Shopify to automatically mark orders as Fulfilled CustomCat cannot forward tracking information to your end customer via Shopify’s built-in shipping notification system.

How do you manually combine different colored designs in the CustomCat Shopify app?

There is no easy way to manually combine products with different design colors, it’s a little bit of a manual process but you can still do it.                                                                                                 

You would need to create the 2 design/product combinations separately in your CustomCat app and then manually combine them by copying one over as new variants on the other’s product page in Shopify. You need to make sure you use the same exact SKU as in the product listing.  The SKU will consist of 4 sets of #s – for example, 22-113-45853-252

The first set (22) is the Product, 2nd set (113) is the color, 3rd set (45853) is the Design ID, and 4th set (252) is the size. You would need to take all these SKUs and add them as variants in the other product’s listing. You would need to take all these SKUs and add them as variants in the other product’s listing.

Let’s go over an example together!

Let’s say I wanted to combine a white design on a black t-shirt with a black design on a white t-shirt. The first step is to create the product separately in your CustomCat app. It would be wise to have two tabs open with both products in Shopify to easily combine them into 1 product listing. 


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All Products
  2. Click the name of the product. 
  3. In the Variants section, click Add variant

4. Copy/Paste the product data for each variation you want to combine. Enter the variant information in the following fields: (1) Color, (2) Size, (3) Image, (4) Price, (5) SKU, and (6) weight. 

Once you have completed to copy/pasted each variable combination into one product listing, be sure to delete the product you no longer need in Shopify before saving the product listing you combined if no longer needed. 

Click Save Variant.

What is the difference between CustomCat and the CustomCat lite app?

CustomCat Lite: 

  • No monthly fee
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Still great low prices! ($9* Tee)
  • Perfect for beginners 


  • $30 per month
  • 30-day FREE trial
  • Lowest prices for higher margins ($7* Tee)
  • For the high-volume seller

Note: The magic number is 15 units sold per month. If you sell 15+ pieces a month with CustomCat, this essentially pays for the CustomCat subscription plan of $30 per month and you’ll make more money with the subscription plan product prices. 

How do I change my CustomCat Shopify plan?

At the top of the page, you should see a grey bar with Design Library, Add Product, Product Catalog, Settings, and App Help. 

Click on Settings.

A new window will open.  Click on Change Plan to change your CustomCat app plan. You will be prompted to choose which plan you’d like to use:

What happens when an order contains both a product fulfilled by CustomCat, and a product not fulfilled by CustomCat?

CustomCat will only fulfill the items you have synced up with CustomCat, so once the order ships, the status will be listed as “fulfilled” only for the synced part of the order. 

Note: Your order might appear as partially fulfilled in Shopify until you manually mark the rest of the items as shipped.

I have a Shopify store and I went to to create an account and it states I haven’t created a store yet?

If you have a Shopify store and are working with our app, then there is no need to ever go to as that is a separate platform. That’s why you are not able to login there, the website is only for our WooCommerce or API/CSV/WooCommerce users.

You would access everything through your Shopify admin in the apps section. Once you open the CustomCat app, your order dashboard will first display, and you can get started by clicking the add product feature at the top of the screen.

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