Sell Directly on Facebook with Shopify

Is your website up and running? Are you looking for the next big thing? Maybe, your next sales quota breakthrough? Add another selling platform and increase your brand awareness. Showcase your products on your Facebook Shop by using Shopify Facebook App.  

Here is why you should set up a store on your Facebook Page:

Facebook Business Pages are a great platform to leverage customer relationships and showcase your products. There are many ways to build Facebook relationships. How about streamlining the shopping experience? Facebook shop does exactly that, furthermore, you have the option to direct shoppers to your website or let them check out without leaving your Facebook site or mobile app.

1. Builds Customer Trust

When a customer visits your website you want to make sure to give them every possible tool to establish brand trust. Nowadays, there are millions of online shopping scams pretending to be legitimate online sellers. Establish business-like social media presence, showcase customer reviews, upload photos, include brand background story…etc. and let your FB become a legitimate source for customers. 

What do consumers do when deciding to shop for a new brand?

Research! Research! And More Research!

Customers look for reviews, forums, and online presence to be sure they aren’t being scammed. Facebook is an additional channel to help customers get to know your brand. Increase your brand credibility with social media presence. Facebook Shop not only streamlines the purchase process but allows your customers to browse your products on their favorite social media site.

2. Drive Traffic to your Store

Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your web page. Facebook taps into a wide range of audiences with the potential of converting those audiences into customers. According to Path to Purchase 2016 by Kantar, 20% of Facebook users said that Facebook led them to buy a new product. Facebook is an incredible platform for fashion inspiration. According to Facebook IQ, in a survey (October 2017) of over 6,000 people (ages 18 – 64) across six countries (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES) found four in ten Facebook users, say they’ve discovered fashion inspiration on the platform in the last three months.

3. Customer Convenience

Facebook Shop makes the purchasing decisions quicker and easier. Facebook Shop eliminates browsing time, which solves the problem of today’s fast-paced society.

4. Brand Awareness

According to Google, 90% of smartphone users aren’t absolutely sure of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin shopping. When it comes to inspiration, social media plays an incredible role in purchase decision making. You can tag specific products to your posts and promote within touch of a button. Forget the old school impersonal URL to direct customers to your web page instead you can direct customers to Facebook Shop page in seconds.                

Drawbacks of integrating Shopify with Facebook Shop App

1. Negative Feedback

Facebook is a two-way street, 24/7 communication platform, that means unhappy customers can freely voice their concerns and complaints in a public way. Never delete a complaint but be sure to address every single one in a professional manner to ensure your brand’s public image.

2. Time Constraint

You will spend a lot of time maintaining your business page. Provide useful content and publish regularly in order to “stay in business”. If your goal is to generate engagement with your e-commerce website, you must dedicate time to post almost every day. You must adopt an advertising strategy in order to become successful. 

3. Advertising Cost

Creating business page is free but in order for you to begin seeing a profit you must advertise or provide a unique experience. It can take a while for your business page to take off. Be patient and follow your advertising strategy.

Don’t let negative feedback, time, and advertising cost differ you from using Facebook to sell your products. Everything has its up and downs, so if you put time and effort into becoming proficient with Facebook you will become a successful entrepreneur. 

STEP 1: How to set up the Shop Section on your Facebook Page

  • Log into your Shopify account
  • To connect your Shopify account and your Facebook business page, click on the “connect account” button under Sales Channels > Facebook
  • Shopify will ask for a permission to read your Facebook personal profile. Click “Continue” to confirm
  • Allow Shopify to manage and/or publish content on your behalf. Choose both
  • Choose page to add the shop button
  • Click Connect Page
  • Agree to Facebook Terms
  • At this point, your offline “SHOP” function is added to your business page

STEP 2: How to Activate “SHOP” Function

  • Go to Shopify
  • Go to Facebook Dashboard in Shopify
  • Enter billing address
  • Enable your Facebook Shop by selecting a plan
  • Immediately after entering your credit card information your SHOP function will go live

Congrats you did it! Good luck.


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