Phone Case Selling Guide

Change is within us. Change allows us to take on a different persona. Whether it is hairstyle, lifestyle, or a phone case, these small upgrades make us feel alive.

Upfrades make us feel empowered. As soon as the new becomes old, we start itching for more. This consumerism cycle will help you as a POD seller to make the big bucks. 

Phone case trends change all the time, from protective cases to funky pattern cases – the market is ever-changing.

Phone cases fall into reasonably priced category. This results in people buying phone cases spontaneously. Also, phone cases make for a great gift for any occasion.

Smartphones are fundamental to our lives. Whether we use our phones to do online banking or submit a job application, we heavily depend on this on-the-go technology.

Phone is an extention of every human being in today’s digital world. As phone prices continue to rise people will continue to put more money towards phone protection. 

It is estimated that global mobile phone accessories market will be witnessing a robust growth throughout the forecast period, 2015-2025

A 2017 survey showed that millennials are more likely to purchase personalized products (57.2%), while only 7.6% said they would not have paid more for such personalized luxury good.

Now, everything is personalized. We tend to avoid the “one size fits all” model. We like to put a spin on things.

79% of smartphone owners use a protective case for their smartphone.

CustomCat offers iPhone & Samsung cases. See all products below.

  • iPhone 6 Case
  • iPhone 5 Case
  • iPhone 5 Tough Case
  • iPhone 6 Tough Case
  • iPhone 6 Plus Case
  • iPhone 6 Plus Tough Case
  • Samsung Galaxy 4 Case
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Case
  • Samsung Galaxy  S7 Phone Case
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Clip
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Tough
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tough
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Tough Case

These phone cases aren’t shockproof. That means that they won’t protect the phone from serious damage. Our phone cases solely serve a fashionable purpose. Keep in mind our cases only cover the back of the phone, the front screen will be entirely open to any damage.

Get started today! Design your first phone case collection. If you have any further question or concerns shoot us an email at We look forward to hearing from you. 

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