Mug Artwork Guidelines

In this guide you’ll learn everything there is to know about art templates and assigned product feature. Let’s get started! 

You can either choose to upload your design using the Assigned Product Feature or opt-in for using the Default Template

This is the more advanced process, opt to use Assigned Product feature if you feel comfortable working in Photoshop or/and Illustrator. The Assigned Product feature automatically gives you a full wrap look, which gives you more control over the design. 

Default Template upload

This is a beginner-friendly process for anyone who doesn’t have advanced knowledge in design programs. The Default Template allows for an accurate representation of the design positioning. With Default Template you can customize the positioning based on your needs too. 

Using Assigned Product feature to upload a design

This method is used for a full wrap only look. 

1. Go to Design Library and click ‘Upload Image’. 

2. Now, go to the Artwork Guidelines. From the dropdown menu choose ‘Drinkware’. Click the green download arrow to download a template of your choice. 

3. Open your downloaded files (.png & .psd) and create your design in Photoshop or any other creative program. When done. Save as .png.  

4. Next, go back to where you left off. Read everything carefully and click ‘Yes, I agree’. 

5. Click ‘Add Designs’ to select designs that you wish to upload to your library. 

6. Import your designs to your library. 

7. Click ‘Select All’ to Assign Product of your choice. 

8. Click ‘Tag All’ to group designs together. This feature comes handy down the road when you don’t want to sift through all your designs to find a particular design. 

9. Click ‘Continue’. 

10. Highlighted in blue are all the designs that we assigned to a specific product. 

11. Click ‘Add Product’. 

12. Select designs and click ‘Next’. 

13. Click ‘Product Details’ to review the mug(s) placement. 

14. Full wrap preview should look like this. Click ‘Save Product’. 

15. Click ‘Export’. Congratulations you just uploaded mugs to your page. 

Using the Default Template to upload a design

  1. In your dashboard, click on ‘Add Product’. 

2. Choose ‘Dye Sublimation’. 

3. Select products(s) that you want to add. 

4. Click ‘Save Product’. 

5. Click ‘Next’. 

6. For now, click ‘Continue Without Saving’. 

7. Select your design and click ‘Next’. 

8. Click ‘Design Position’ to adjust your design positioning. 

You have three choices – Full Front, Dye Sub Default, and Customize. 

Full Front

Use when you want to blow your image and put it in the center of the mug. The full front resembles full wrap customization. 

Dye Sub Default

Use when you want to upload 1 design in two locations (front and back). 


Use when you want to position the design based on your preference within the safe area of the template.

9. Once you picked your desired position. Click ‘Save’ and ‘Export’. 

Thank you for reading. Was this guide helpful? Please give it a LIKE and leave a comment below.  

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