Mother’s Day Print On Demand Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, that means it’s time to dial it in a notch and get ready to increase your sales.

Every spring, millions of people turn to online shopping in search of the perfect gift for mom. 

Most moms just want to feel appreciated.

What better way to celebrate moms than with a cozy blanket?

As a print on demand fulfillment center, we offer blankets and everything in between. Are you ready to get started?

We created an all-in-one marketing and design inspiration guide to help you start your marketing efforts on the right foot. 

  • Self-care – is used quite often, it includes anything from meditation to mindfulness 
  • Spiritual wellness – consists of mantras, crystal healing, and essential oils 
  • Fit mamas – are getting in shape after having babies  
  • Meal prep moms – enjoy living a healthy lifestyle
  • The HGTV Binger-Watchers – love all renovations and upgrades 
  • Momtrepreneurs – juggling both motherhood and self-employment
  • Movie Buffs – Bad Moms, Bad Moms 2 

Target Market

  • Mothers themselves – moms deserve extra TLC on any given day, especially on Mother’s Day 
  • Step Moms – moms who have stepped into a role of motherhood deserve a shout-out too
  • Mothers-In-Law – are here to stay 
  • Adoptive Moms – moms who literally will do anything to become a mother 
  • First Time Mom – motherhood is the hardest job of all, thank yous are appreciated 
  • Expecting Mom – soon to be moms are vulnerable, a cozy blanket helps to ease the pain 
  • Grandmothers –  it’s always a good time to spoil grandma
  • Moms of Fur Babies – dog and/or cat moms 
  • Single Dads – when dads take on the role of mother, they deserve appreciation too 
  • Aunts/Godmother – a perfect day to remind them how special they are 
  • Wife –  cozy blanket is a nice gesture as the husband gives props to the mother of their children

Promote Mother's Day Products

  • Add a clickable Mother’s Day section to the main menu
  • Create Gift Guide Posts
  • Send emails with direct links to your Mother’s Day collection 
  • Share products across all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) 


KP1703 Baby Velveteen Micro Fleece Blanket – 30×40  – $14.00
DP1726 Large Velveteen Micro Fleece Blanket – 50×60  – $24.00
DP1729 Extra Large Velveteen Micro Fleece Blanket – 60×80 – $33.00
DP1731 Large Fleece Sherpa Blanket – 50×60 – $26.00
DP1734 Extra Large Fleece Sherpa Blanket – 60×80 – $34.00

Here are a few examples of what you can do with blankets. 

Customers can personalize blankets and other garments too.

Check out CustomCat’s Personalization Guide to get started. 


UN4682 Rctangle Necklace – $5.33
UN4684 Square Necklace – $5.33 
UN4686 Circle Necklace – $5.33


3509 Ladies Fine Jersey Scoop Neck Maternity Top – $16.65 
DT156 District Women’s Hooded Cardigan – $19.94

Create a Mother's Day Sale Promotion

There are a few tools that you can use to create inviting visuals to promote your Mother’s Day products.

Canva – free web design tool, offers professional, easy-to-customize templates: E-book, Infographics, Business Card, Email Header, and more.

An upgrade is available: Try it free for 30 days and add extra features; such as the ability to resize your designs for different platforms 

Unsplash – stock photography website. According to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and CNET, Unsplash is considered one of the world’s leading photography websites.  

The license gives the right to “copy, modify, distribute, and use the photos for free – including commercial purposes, without asking permission. Unsplash license prohibits selling unaltered copies, including selling the photos as prints or printed on physical goods.  

CustomCat's Order Deadlines

If you plan to add new products or run a promo, remember CustomCat’s deadlines. Make sure to let your customers know these deadlines are. 

coming soon banner

Social Media


Create a Mother’s Day themed board on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual platform mainly used by females to find shopping inspiration. Upload high-quality images, steer away from blurry photos. 

Pinterest is a free tool that is underused by many ecommerce sellers. People scout all corners of the internet to purchase gifts for Mother’s Day. Use this free tool to kick-start your Mother’s Day selling. 


Mother’s Day can be much more than deals and discounts. Recently, Instagram has been testing a donation sticker, similar to what Facebook offers with fundraising and donation tools.

The donation sticker will let you raise funds for a non-profit organization of your choosing.

A of right now, it’s unknown when this feature will go live, however, there are other ways to help non-profit organizations. 

Does your brand stand for more than generating profits? Invest in helping others, even if it’s making the tiniest difference. 


Facebook is a platform that continues to hold its position as the number one social media platform to market your business. Check out some of our Facebook guides to help get you started.


Reddit allows its users to share and discuss a wide range of topics. Reddit can be a place to find inspiration when you are in need of some quality design ideas.

Reddit can also be a place to hang out and talk with other small-business owners and get the inside scoop on entrepreneurship. Reddit users can help you discuss small-business issues and get your spirits up when you are feeling down. 

Design Inspiration

Boss Mom

Boss Moms are like-minded entrepreneurs who happen to be moms. Mompreneurs are juggling being a wife, mother, inventor, and businesswoman. For working moms, it may seem like there is never enough time to get things done.

Design a collection that will inspire mompreneurs to keep plugging away with to-dos and never-ending responsibilities. 

The Goal-Oriented Mom

Motherhood is a full-time job. Some moms may lack the motivation to pursue other goals besides taking care of a child. Let your designs speak for themselves.

Design a collection that helps moms thrive during their first year of motherhood. 

Sport Mom

There is no bigger fan than a sports mom. Sports mom spend a third of their life cheering on their kids from the sidelines or stands.

Design a collection that speaks louder than a cheering mom in the stands. 

Mama Bear

Design a collection that target moms that are fiercely protective of their children.

  • Coffee & Cubs 
  • Mama Bear 
  • I am a mom and a nurse
  • It’s my duty to protect and love 
  • Strong as a mother bear
  • Mama loves her little cubs
  • Mama Est. 2001
  • I protect what’s mine 
  • The Helicopter Mom – a mom that follows their kids anywhere 
  • Wine Mom – a mom that is always up for a glass or two
  • Workout Mom – a mom that takes any chance to get in a quick workout 
  • Zen Mom – a mom who is calm and controlled, she is in touch with her inner goddess and keeps her emotions in check 
  • Free-Range Mom –  a mom that is very hands-off parenting, the opposite of helicopter parenting 
call to actions

Additional Inspiration

  • Cherish every MOMent  
  • Spoil your mom this Mother’s Day 
  • Fresh picks for Mother’s Day 
  • Treat your mom the right way on this Mother’s Day 

Do you know why Print On Demand is so amazing? 

There is no overhead!! 

By partnering with us, we take care of production and shipping. Cheers to a successful Mother’s Day selling!

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