May Selling Guide

May this month bring you the cash flow you dream of. This month starts of with long-awaited spring. Are you ready to explore May possibilities? 

Brothers & Sisters Day - May 1

This day is dedicated to honor bonds between brothers and sisters. As this day grows in popularity we are seeing new emerging trends to let your other half know how much you love them. The most common way to celebrate Brothers & Sisters Day is by taking them out to dinner or gifting them a gift. 

  • That's what siblings do
  • I upgraded to big sister
  • Sistas For Life
  • I love my 4-legged siblings
  • He did it (arrow) | She did it (arrow)
  • Everywhere I go my twin follows
  • Triple Trouble
  • Only child expiring soon
  • The crew of 3
  • Sisterhood/Brotherhood

National Baby Day - May 2

This day is about celebrating life. I don’t exactly know how baby day originated , however, spring is the time to celebrate offsprings. Marketers put a great focus on babies throughout the entire month – we are expected to see sales and promotions on baby products. 

  • New baby momma
  • Nap time
  • I love boobies just like my dad
  • Loading...Dad to be
  • Papa Bear
  • Move over I am pregnant

Kentucky Derby - May 3 & 4

Kentucky Derby is a horse race that is held annually. In 2018, we’ve seen a dip in viewership however as you can see the numbers seem to be consistent right around the 8million, therefore you should certainly take and advantage of this event to boost your May sales. 

  • Fedoras & Horses
  • Keep Calm & Hold Your Horses
  • Whisper Derby to Me
  • Bourbon, Mint & Sugar Syrup
  • Burgoo, Bourbon & Roses
  • I sing along to My Old Kentucky Home
  • Southern Belle Charm
  • Comfort, TV & Derby

Star Wars Day - May 4

“May the 4th be with you.” Today is known for a special once-a-year celebration of Star Wars fans all around the world. It’s a day to host Star Wars marathons, share the love on social media, and cook in Star Wars themed-clothing. Ultimately, it’s a day of people who breathe, eat, and sleep Star Wars. Yearly, there are online and in-store deals of “Star War” apparel to celebrate this day.

  • Here is an overview of domestic box office revenue of the most successful movies of all time as of September 2018
  • According to, In a 2017 survey among American adults, the majority of the respondents stated that their favorite Star Wars movie was “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.”
  • According to; Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular Star Wars characters include the core group of Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca. Others include Yoda, R2-D2, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader.

Design Ideas

  • Pop Culture
  • Jedi
  • Droid co-existence
  • The Force
  • You are damn right I am into superpowers
  • Family of sky walkers

Cinco De Mayo - May 5

We’ve touched on Cico de Mayo basics last year. This year we are diving even deeper to uncover the potential of Cinco de Mayo sales. “Cinco de Mayo continues to be celebrated in Puebal and by Mexican – Americans north of the border.” Cinco de Mayo is very commercialized due to Mexcian immigration to the US. Sometimes referred to as Drinko de Mayo this holiday is an opportunity for companies to seize the day and make profits.  

  • Taco Tuesdays
  • Fiesta like there is no Mañana
  • Los Tres Amigos
  • I'd Hit That
  • Today I am having TACOS
  • Fiesta until midnight, siesta manana
  • Drinking & Taco Eating Team
  • Tequila, Taco, REPEAT
  • Three Best Friends (tequila, salt, lime)
  • I like to Salsa

National Nurses Day - May 6

On this day, we raise awareness of the roles nurses play in our society. Each year the American Nurses Association (ANA) chooses a THEME, be on a look out for 2019 Theme , to acknowledge services provided by nurses all over the world. 

Here is a screen shot of popular nurse merchandise on etsy. Are you inspired yet? 

  • I save the day
  • Sorry, I am in nursing school
  • The Scrub Life
  • It's a beautiful day to save lives
  • I am a rockstar, I save lives
  • Nurse Squad
  • RN for Life
  • Relax I am a NURSE
  • Life work balance isn't in my vocebulary
  • I eat, sleep & save lives – I am a badass

National Teacher's Day - May 7

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded the 81st Congress to make May 7 National Teachers Day. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping our children’s future and furthermore developing the future leaders of our country. According to, “Almost 9 in 10 Americans surveyed sad they had a teacher growing up who had a “significant, positive impact” on their life. And nearly all Americans (98%) believe that a good teacher can change the course of a student’s life.” With that said teachers prepare our kids to take on the world and succeed. They deserve all the appreciation they can get.

Design Ideas

  • Educator of small humans
  • Patience, Coffee & Late Night of grading
  • Plan, Teach, Grade & Repeat
  • I am broke & tired
  • I live for Friday Night Eve
  • I take care of my 15 kids
  • If you want a grade, you should of put a name on it

Mother's Day - May 12

Americans look forward to splurging on their moms on Mother’s Day. Typical purchases include; flowers, greeting cards, outings (dinners & movies), clothing, and clothing accessories. Here’s a graph of a total amount spent on Mother’s Day in the United States from 2007 to 2018 in billion U.S. dollars, according to Keep in mind, that is just U.S., Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated internationally. Increasing amount of Americans buy Mother’s Day gifts online – free shipping is the most pursuasive tactic for customers to make the purchase. According to the 2017 Mother’s Day Index, “The various tasks mom perfrom at home would be worth $67,610 a year in the proffessional world.” Isn’t that incredible, no wonder people go all out for Mother’s Day. People plan to shop for: mom, stepmom, wife, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, and godmother

According to Google Trends and last year’s “Mother’s Day” searches people started their searches mid March and spiked the week of May 6th. Get a head start – look for inspiration early, design new artwork and promote  in advance. 

Design Ideas

  • Blessed to Have a Momma Like You
  • The Greatest Mom Ever
  • You are going to be a grandma
  • Proud _______ Mom
  • The Little One Calls Me Grandma
  • Top Notch Momma

National Waiters and Waitresses Day - May 21

Maybe you know that one friend that hustles to pay their bills – a waiters or waitress. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics in May, 2017 there were about 2,584,220 waiters and waitresses employed in the States. Holy crap, that’s a large audience! If that doesn’t promot you to design new designs, I don’t know what will. 

According to bls, States that have the highest employment level in this occupation include  – California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. Make sure to target these 5 states!! 

Design Ideas

  • Tired Feet, Stolen Pen & Big Tips
  • Waiting on a table to leave
  • Respect the Waitress
  • Be nice to the Waitress Universe is Watching
  • Tip me I am poor
  • Most likely the best waitress in the universe

National Wine Day - May 25

This one is for the casual drinkers and self-proclaimed alcoholics.”2019 will be more about balance in wine consumption and a reinforcement of the concept of wine as a part of a meal, rather than as a means of a cocktail. “The future looks promising for American sparkling wine producers, with possibilities for small-production, craft-style sparkling wines.” Although people are increasingly being interested in low-alcohol wine options, the wine market continues to prevail in the future. 

Design Ideas

  • I am here for the wine
  • Time to wine problems away
  • Wine, Sleep, Repeat
  • I like them both (white & red)
  • Holiday spirit with glass of wine
  • Pasta & Wine

Memorial Day - May 27

Memorial day is an unofficial start to the summer – that means shopping on your customers’ minds. The holiday is closely associated with the start of the summer discounts across many departments including apparel. To ensure your brand doesn’t get left behind, start your Memorial Day campaign as early as two weeks in advance. Keep your marketing content relevant to your target audience and establish personal connections and see the numbers grow.

Design Ideas

  • Time flies when you having American punch
  • Red, White & Blessed
  • Born in the wild U.S.A.
  • Red, White and Grill
  • My 1st Memorial Day – let's party
  • Sun tan & Freedom

World No Tobacco Day - May 31

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated around the world to encourage a 24-hour period of no tobacco consumption. It’s an opportunity to discuss the risks of tobacco use and talk about reduction of tobacco smoking.

Design Ideas

  • Say no to tobacco smoking
  • Unite Against Smoking
  • Please be kind to others and stop smoking cigarettes
  • Ok, but first stop smoking tabacoo
  • I QUIT
  • I AM fighting addiction and you should TOO

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