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As with any other month, March is filled with incredible unofficial and official holidays that can potentially help you expand your store to new heights. 

Let’s start off with a few awareness events that you shouldn’t miss this month – Brain Injury Awareness, March to Health, National MS Education and Awareness Month, National Nutrition Month, and Red Cross Month. 

Mardi Gras AKA Fat Tuesday - March 5

The carnival itself begins on January 6 and continues through midnight on Fat Tuesday. Carnival is celebrated in countries with large Roman Catholic populations. Three distinctive colors are prominent during carnival season – Purple, Yellow, and Green. Purple symbolizes justice, yellow represents power, and green stands for faith. New Orleans attracts 1.4 million visitors each year but it’s not the only place people go above and beyond to throw Mardi Gras – Mobile – Alabama, St. Louis – Missouri, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and Nice – France are among the few others to celebrate days of Carnival. 

Mardi Gras is about music, parades, costumes, and people watching but don’t forget the fact that local (New Orleans) businesses will want to make an impact as well. There are Mardi Gras decorations all over the city including homes and business. 


  • New Orleans Street
  • Masks
  • Instruments
  • Beads
  • Shrimp and Grits


  • Hats
  • Abstract colors - purple, green, and yellow
  • Crowd
  • King Cake
  • Beignets

National Oreo Day - March 6

Ok, Oreo day is rightfully a day to be celebrated and another holiday that you can put to great use. There are many Oreo designs circulating on the internet and you could be one of them, in fact, better! “Oreo is the world’s favorite cookie  and the best-selling cookie brand of the 21st century, with over $2 billion in global annual revenues (2016).” On this day, many people will celebrate with a glass of milk and handful or two of Oreos and posting the event on social media. I have a feeling that social media will create some crazy Oreo challenge that will float the internet. Be ready to improvise and design in realtime to make the big bucks. 

  • Double Dip
  • Oreo Globe
  • Oreo swimming in milk pool
  • Oreo Enthusiast
  • Relationship Goals (Better Half)
  • My relationship status (single x, taken x, in love with OREO)

International Women's Day - March 8

“International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” 2019 Women’s Day theme is THINK EQUAL, BUILD SMART, INNOVATE FOR CHANGE. Whether you are a male or a female the topic of ongoing struggles of equality continue to prevail and for you, it’s an opportunity to create designs to promote your beliefs, chances are there is someone who will have the same outlook on International Women’s Day too. 

  • Heros
  • Queens
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Visionaries
  • Girl Power
  • Mothers
  • Equal Rights
  • Choice
  • Thrive
  • Grrrl
  • Independance
  • Girl Boss
  • Loyalty
  • Bad*$$

National Napping Day - March 11

Have you met anyone who doesn’t like naps? Ya, me neither. Power naps are not a taboo no more, in fact, some companies are adapting to have EnergyPods installed in their workplace for their employees to rest and recharge to endure long days at work. “EnergyPods were designed to allow users to take a power nap, which is only 10-20 minutes in duration. They are not designed for long naps and are intended to give the body a quick charge to head back to high performing brain function.” Sleeping on a job might have frowned upon a few years back, but taking a nap on a job is becoming a norm. Power napping is widely liked among the millennial generation that has the desire to schedule their day based on their needs and preferences. 

  • Nap + Gym
  • Nap King/Queen
  • Sloth
  • Pizza, beer & naps
  • Tap or Nap
  • It's always afternoon nap time somewhere
  • Can I nap yet?
  • I don't need a _______, I need nap!

313 Day - March 13

March 13 or 3-13 is a day to celebrate a love for one city – DETROIT! “In 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded the beginnings of modern-day Detroit – are code 313.” Given the fact that CustomCat is based in Detroit, we couldn’t have passed on this opportunity to brag about our city! Detroit is filled with a culture that dates many years back, help us spread the love. Design t-shirts that help us spread the culture – Coney dogs, Ginger Ale, Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Motown museum, Detroit-style pizza, Detroit musicians, and Detroit monuments.

Saint Patrick's Day - March 17

This year the holiday falls on Sunday but thinking about the nature of the holidays I have a feeling that St. Patrick’s celebrations will start with the end of the work week. According to NRF 2018 survey, St. Patrick’s Day is more about celebrating with green beverage and apparel rather than gifting of gifts. Apparel (31%) and decorations (26%) made the top 5 list of things people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day plan to buy. According to NRF, roughly six in 10 Americans plan to wear green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Sharpen up your design skills – canvas, posters, wall flags, and green apparel will be desired. 

  • Pot of gold
  • Cabbage
  • Luck
  • 4-leaf clover
  • Lucky horseshoe
  • Ireland
  • Celtic Cross
  • Irish Flag
  • Leprechaun
  • Rainbow

National Puppy Day - March 23

Is it just me or does it feel like there is more than just one National Puppy Day?! The more the merrier! You’ll always have an excuse to design cute and tacky 4-legged animal designs that your customers love. National puppy day is a chance to celebrate all the cute bundles of joy and the love they bring into our lives. It’s another excuse to show of a pet by treating them to a new accessory.

  • All I need is margarita and my dog
  • Stay at home dog mom
  • MY favorite humans are dogs
  • Dogs are life
  • I rather be with my _______
  • I wag my tail when I like you
  • _______ first Christmas
  • Woof
  • PAWS
  • I only LOVE human bed and my momma

Manatee Appreciation Day - March 27

Manatee Appreciation Day brings an attention to sea cow species to raise awareness to combat boat collisions, poaching, and red tie. According to .S Department of the Interior, “In 2017 the total population was estimated to be at least 13,000 manatees, with more than 6,5000 in the southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. When aerial surveys began in 1991, there were only an estimated 1,267 manatees in Florida.” Way to go, everyone, together we can help prevent these awesome creatures from extinction. 

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - March 29

Every year in March we celebrate small business in his country. It’s a special day to give thanks and appreciate all the hard work that comes to running a small business. Mom and pop shops are unique – similar to e-commerce bringing a fresh new perspective into our marketplace. This day originated when Rick Degal decided to honor his own “mom and pop” – his parents who owned a small hat shop, which over the years has expanded into million dollar outlet revenue. Nowadays, we need mom 7 pop shops/ecommerce shops more than ever to keep the spirits of entrepreneurship running.  

National Doctors' Day - March 30

March 30 was established as National Doctors’ Day to recognize physicians, their work, and their contributions to our community. This day is another opportunity to thank loved ones for all that they do. 

  • Proud Surgeon's Wife
  • Doctor in Making
  • I'll listen to your heart...
  • DR. ________
  • Real Men Merry _________
  • Medical School Student LOADING

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