Increase your sales with key August Events

Hold up — summer isn’t over yet! August offers a variety of ways to celebrate every day of the month. Here are several upcoming events that you do not want to miss.

National Mountain Climbing Day – August 1

More millennials opt outside to escape the busy streets of everyday life to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy some kind of adventure. The great outdoors offers healthier and more active lifestyle to counter our hectic schedules. The outdoors can be a great way to connect and try new things nudge nudge wink wink  – mountain climbing. How would you feel about first-time mountain climbers reaching their first mountaintop wearing your design on their chest? How would that make you feel? Good? Lets’s get to work, start designing today!


International Beer Day – August 4

What do people do on International Beer Day? You guessed it! People celebrate by going to local bars, restaurants, breweries, and backyard get-togethers with a beer in hand. Beer apparel stays in style – people love beer all year around.

Cheers to bro tanks, hats, jerseys, and tees.


International Hangover Day – August 5

What goes up must come down. What do people wear on DAY 1 of their hungover? Sweatpants and short sleeve or long sleeve cotton t-shirt. Your goal is to make people chuckle, make it fun and do your best to keep the text short and to the point.


National Sisters Day – August 5

Many sisters are best friends, they grow up side by side. Usually, they go out to dinner or go shopping for matching apparel to celebrate their special day.

It’s your time to shine and create matchy-matchy apparel for this day.


National Honey Bee Awareness Day  – August 18

Many bee enthusiasts are intrigued with their bees. They worship bees and recognize their contribution to our society.  Many beekeepers are proud of their beehive and they show off their passion anyway they can.

Get involved and market to bee associations, communities, and individual beekeepers to make a sale.


National Tooth Fairy Day – August 22

This day is dedicated to kids all around the world making sure they take a great care of their teeth. An opportunity to add children apparel line to your collection.


National Dog Day – August 26

You just can’t go wrong with this one! We love pets, and what we love even more – showing our little furries off to the world. We would drag our fur babies to every event if we could, what do we do when we can’t, we purchase a dog lover tee instead.


Search Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for inspiration and let’s fire up those creative engines and start designing.




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