How to Utilize​ Instagram to Connect with Influencers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites available today. Direct messaging on Instagram allows users to message anyone that uses this platform. If you have a business of any size, it can prove to be an important way to market and develop your business. Here’s how to get the most out of direct messaging on Instagram.

Utilize Search Function 

In order to get the most out of direct messaging, you need to target the right people. First, do your research. Get into a habit of using an Instagram search function to find your niche. Common ways to search your interests are people, tags or places. For instance, if you own a dance studio you can look up users that are in your city or search for the hashtag “dance” or “ballet.”


You will need to review each account that is displayed in the search results. Examine every account to make sure the customer will benefit from what you have to offer. Don’t just message them right off the bat before you determine whether or not they could become a potential customer without a thorough investigation of their Instagram page. Pay attention to small details such as recent activity; engagement with the community. Simply put, valuable content translates into higher engagement. Don’t be scared to reach out through DM, give a person compliment and genuinely be interested in their personal brand.

Be Interested Not Interesting 

Unfortunately, many users take advantage of direct messaging. Users are often pounded with an extreme amount of irrelevant spam. Tailor your message to your audience. Craft your message carefully based on your target’s interests, the first sentence is crucial to your success in connecting and creating lasting relationships. Create a meaningful conversation before you attempt to sell. Get to know each individual and figure out if you add a value to their brand. Personalize the message to show that you care. That alone can take some time, but it will show your genuine interest that will pay off in a long run.

Don’s spam! Generic messages will do you no good. There is a good chance that you could get paused or even banned from Instagram for sending too many messages that appear to be spammy.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally 

Unfortunately, it will happen. It’s okay! Take a deep breath and keep moving forward. You will come across users that just aren’t interested in your product or service. You may come across negative or even vulgar responses, please don’t take it personally. Politely apologize and move on. On the other hand, if you find that you barely get any responses, that is a warning sign. You may have to reevaluate targeted audience or your message. Play around with different options to find the sweet spot. Remember, each user is unique, the rule of thumb be polite, respect their time and be truthful.  


It’s of vital importance that you respond quickly. Urgency is a key to running a successful business. You should always be available to answer any questions about yourself and your business. E-commerce is a 24/7 world, be available at all times to provide your leads with information. Have your contact information handy, keep your contact information easily accessible. If you haven’t done this yet, immediately go to your Instagram profile and tap edit profile, input your contact information into the bio section whether it is email, phone number or both. Click “Done”. Now you can sleep well at night that your potential customers have all information readily available if they want to discuss business further.

Marketing Tool 

You have the ability to direct message, anyone. Instagram is one of the top social networks globally. There are more than 700 million people that use Instagram every day. You no longer need to go door to door trying to solicit business or cold calling individuals. The ability to reach an audience that normally wouldn’t be possible is astonishing. Utilizing Instagram as your marketing tool can save you a ton of time that you can use to devote to improving your business.

As a business owner, Instagram is crucial to your success. Instagram users that benefit from your product or service prove to be very beneficial in promoting your business. It’s called content marketing. Don’t force it comes naturally. You will find that there will be times to where you won’t do anything differently but will gain more followers thanks to someone that is already following you.

Instagram DM is a free resource for every business. While it may initially take a lot of time getting a hang of things, in the end, it will help you connect with communities that will turn into new customers, giving you larger exposure and increase your sales. 


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