Use Instagram Stories to your Advantage

UPDATED: November 30, 2018 

Tips To Strengthen Your Online Branding 

Open Instagram and click the camera icon at the top left and let’s get started! 

Choose one of the many options  (Normal, Boomerang, Focus, Superzoom, Rewind, Hands-Free, and Stop-Motion to take your photo.

1.  Use Stickers 

Stickers offer a way to spice up your video and photo content. As of May 2018, Instagram provides stickers that include; location, weather, time, GIF, hashtag, pool, and emojis. For online-selling purposes, you will want to focus on time, hashtag and poll stickers. Click the sticker icon on the upper right corner. 



The time sticker can be used as a tool to countdown a campaign or tee design. Successful brands use time stickers to create a hype to boost sales.


There are two types of hashtags that well-known brands incorporate into branding their business on Instagram stories. The ultimate advantage of a hashtag sticker is a sophisticated and clean look that keeps your branding from day to day. People will come to recognize your brand.

Locate #HASHTAG icon. Tap this icon to type in your brand name. With a tap of a finger, you have a choice to switch from rainbow text color to white text color for the more sophisticated feel. On the other hand, text tool can be used to advertise your business purpose or services to drive more engagement among all Instagram audiences. Each hashtag should be well thought out to make sure you are not sending out a confusing message to your audience.



The poll sticker is an efficient way to ask your audience a question. What type of products or designs your audience will make your audience interact with your products? This is a great way to get insights directly from your customers. You can use the poll as a tool to showcase two similar designs to get an insight to which one will bring more revenue to your business.



2. Symbols & Emojis 

Symbols and emojis are a great way to enhance your photo and video content or make it stand out. Be careful though, make sure you don’t use symbols and emojis that clash with your brand.


3.  Customize Colors  

According to Thomson Dawson “Color is far more than a simple aesthetic consideration in the toolkit of components that make up brand identity and experience. Color is the very first perception customers will have with your brand, and along with perception comes a whole host of emotional associations.” Choosing color isn’t easy. You must think past your personal preferences. What emotion do you want the color to evoke?

27 Colors

Instagram stories offer 27 colors for your use based on your preference. You can tap and hold individual color and choose an additional shade to match your brand colors. 


Eye Dropper 

In addition to the 27 beautiful colors, Instagram offers an eyedropper tool which is used to sample a color from your image You can use this color as your preferred color. 


4. Customize Text

Instagram offers 5 types of text styles; typewriter, strong, classic, and modern, strong. Get creative! In addition, the type tool can serve as a tool to keep your audience up-to-date. Align your typestyle with your brand converting your advertising into sales. 


5. Use Instagram Analytics  

As an online seller, you should take an advantage of Instagram analytics to study your Instagram story patterns. With Instagram analytics, you will be able to discover your top audience. Instagram Analytics will allow you to see who you should connect with. The general rule of thumb, reach out to those who watch your stories to the very end. Those followers are your most valuable source of insight into your brand. Get their opinions on their favorite products and what they would like to see in near future.

6. Make An Announcement Via Consecutive Posts

Do you have an important announcement and want to keep your audience on edge. Select a simple background and create a series of consecutive posts to build additional text. It’s an interactive way to showcase your announcement to your audience with a little teaser. 

7. Implement Close Friends Feature

Protection and privacy are the next big thing for social networks. Close Friends Feature lets you share stories more privately – this provides you the flexibility to test the waters before launching a new product. It also allows you to share moments that you don’t necessarily want to share with the rest of the world. 

Open Instagram App > Go To Settings > Choose Close Friends List> Add Your Friends 

8. Have An End Goal  

Always, make sure your stories have an end-goal whether it is to drive traffic to your website to generate a sale or showcase an upcoming product line


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