Increase your sales with key July events

Mark Your Calendars


July 1: International Joke Day

It’s National Joke Day! We are halfway through the year, the time to be on your A-Game. Take advantage of this witty day! Do you have what it takes to create an international joke apparel line? You have that one joke that always cracks a smile. Great. Use it to create your next best-seller.


July 4: Independence Day

Here we go! Fire up those laptops and get cranking. Fourth of July is a key event in the USA. Guys & gals this is a huge opportunity to triple your profits! Not a designer? No worries! Inspirations come and go, write them down. Read a ton of books, listen to podcasts and broaden your horizons. The aha moment can simply happen while you are driving down the street, dreaming or simply scrolling through Pinterest. Don’t limit yourself. Look for inspiration everywhere.


July 8: Video Games Day

Is gaming your passion? Great! Can you make living by doing what you love the most? Of course! Turn your online gaming into multimillionaire hobby. Use your online-social gaming to promote your very own T-shirt line. Gaming is a huge business that keeps on growing with the right creativity and mindset with the help of CustomCat you can create a worldwide brand for yourself.


July 13:  National French Fries Day

The salty goodness treat day! Is there anyone who does not like french fries? Possibly. The good news is, you can create a graphic T-shirt design that could go viral. Graphic food tees are very effective in grabbing the attention of other people. Almost anyone can relate to a french fry or avocado. Your design doesn’t have to be super complicated but it should spark conversations.


July 17: World Emoji Day

We use them, you use them. There is no age limit. Emojis are used worldwide every single day! Emojis dominate our culture and sometimes are used more than a text itself. It’s only suitable to celebrate emoji day in style. Nowadays people tend to communicate with pictures, so use this opportunity to establish your presence in the online community.


July 22: National Hammock Day

Over the past few years, outdoor activities have gained a popularity. Why? It’s an escape from our fast-paced lifestyles. It gives us an opportunity to relax and recharge. Outdoor quotes can boost your summertime sales.


“Happiness is watching the sky from a hammock”

” Hammock Lifestyle”


July 26: National Chili Dog Day

July is filled with national food days, don’t you dare miss out on this messy one! The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that Americans will eat seven billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Shake up the cultural trend. Design multi-purpose hot dog tee that can be used across all food-related July festivities. Do you know what a coney dog is? Make it internationally known. Pile on the cheesiness.


July 30: National Cheesecake Day

Did someone say cheesecake? A delicious dessert that comes in to brighten up your day.  An image and a fabric can do wonders. Use your creativity and design the next graphic tee phenomenon.

Examples: ” Say cheese”

“Did someone say cheesecake?”

“Life is to short for a bad cheesecake”

“As long as there is a cheesecake I’ll be okay”








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