How To Increase The Speed Of Your E-Commerce Site

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“Slow loading web pages can lead to high bounce rate, low user engagement, less traffic, and hence adverse effect on your sales.” -SEMrush Blog 

Your E-Commerce journey will feel like a constant race among your competitors, where no one wants to end up last. The name of the game is: ‘Keep On Moving’, this Holiday Season get your store ready to avoid high bounce rates, low user engagement, and fewer traffic problems by optimizing your E-Commerce site speed today! Let us help you tune your store with some behind the scenes tips & tricks to boost your conversion rate.

Do you feel like your E-Commerce store hasn’t reached its potential? Here are few ideas on how to optimize your E-Commerce store and ensure that website performance is up-to-date to yield satisfied and returning customers.

1. Test the Speed

It is to your benefit to test your E-Commerce store because if your store takes a long time load, your customers will be frustrated which leads to some angry customers and a decrease in traffic. In addition to unsatisfied customers, slow load times will result in horrible Google Rankings. Google trusts your customers more than it trusts you, that’s right, Google is that smart! Good reviews will help you gain better online visibility. 

Check your website speed: here. This will provide you with information about how well your page is doing and what needs to be fixed in order to achieve the best results. 

2. Compress Images 

It’s safe to say that your e-commerce store is 90% image oriented. That can take up a lot of space and therefore it takes a long time to load. Optimize your images correctly. Make sure you use images that are appropriate in size (no more than 1,000 pixels). E-commerce marketers should almost always use JPEGs for product photos because JPEG offers a solid balance between the file size and quality. If you are forced to use PNG, please optimize the PGN to a smaller file by creating TinyPNG to increase your webpage speed. Here is a great source to do so. 

WordPress Plugin: TinyPNG is a helpful tool to compress your images with no loss of quality. 

Shopify Plugin: Image Optimizer, similar to TinyPNG, this helps to compress your image to achieve faster results. (Price: $5) 

3. Choose Fast Shopify Theme

In E-Commerce, you’ll find that website theme has two important functions, it needs to be fast for customers to stay and visually appealing for customers to buy. Choosing your theme will depend on multiple factors that are based on individual e-commerce stores, only you know the ins-and-outs of your brand, there is no right or wrong theme. It truly is based on your budget and preferences. 

Top Things To Consider When Buying Shopify theme

4. Reduce the number of Apps/Plugins Installed

Remove all unused apps that you have installed at one point of a time that you don’t use. We’ve all been there, a new app comes out on the market and we are eager to download it right away, fast forward to next month and we haven’t used the app since the initial download.  Click ‘Delete’, to help with the efficiency of your website. 

5. Fix Broken Links 

Broken Links often lead to discouraged customers with the impression that your site is fraudulent and cannot be trusted. That leads to having an ultimate effect on your brand’s image and reputation in the e-commerce community. Broken links have a direct correlation on how much money your store makes. Google Analytics is a great tool to find broken links and therefore improve customer experience. 

6. Start using Google Tag Manager 

What are tags? A code that you embed in your website’s javascript or HTML to extract certain information.  Tags help you get a better understanding of the user’s activity on your website. Consider Google Tag Manager as a spy tool. A tool that helps, tracks customers’ interaction with your site. Use it and learn to love it.

7. Easy Navigation and Organization 

Have you ever visited an online store that is so cluttered and disorganized that you can’t wrap your head around how unprofessional it looks? ‘In order to attain a high conversion rate, it is very necessary that the website should have an easy navigation.’  Organized e-commerce store will provide customers with a smooth path to the end of the transaction process with less room for error.  

There are many factors that go into increasing the speed of your E-Commerce site. Monitor your site regularly, test for broken links and use available tools to improve your store to accomplish your goals. 








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