Graphic Design Trends For 2020

The design world moves fast and changes often, perhaps quickly than any other industry. In 2019, trends like custom-made illustrations, bright colors and gradients, realism and flat design, asymmetrical and shapes and layouts defined design. So as we move to the 2020s, what are the emerging graphic design trends we should be keeping an eye on?

In 2020, the design world is going to feel a lot more balanced, natural, and minimalism. Be sure to check out several Graphic Design Trends For 2020 which are expected to boom this year!

In 2020, motion is everything. Motion designs and animations have become powerful tools for communicating with the audience and add depth to the story where written content is not as captivating as it was. They might make the audience feel as though they are flying through the modern world.

Think storytelling, dynamic use of identity and content, animated mascots and brand assets that move and interact with each other across websites and social media. Designers can no longer afford to sit still.

Mark Chatelier, executive creative director at StormBrands.

Source: Coffee-shop by Tigran Manukyan

Souce: Builddie by Vladimir Marchukov, Panfilia Iannarone, Slava Romanov, Daruma Audio

1. Bold & Vivid Colors

Strong colors have been a big 2019 trend, and that’s set to continue in 2020. Super bright color palettes and a correct font family plus a balanced layout combine for a bold look that makes a way for creative and professional digital advertisements, print stationery, and social media images.

We’re finding this technique to be extremely effective, helping brands to deliver messages via simple, strong, singular statements. It's a good technique for brands that are straight-talking and to-the-point.

Steve Sharp, director of Fat Cow Media.

2. 3D in graphic design

Let’s face it, 2D design is looking a little tired, so it’s time to enter 3D for a new visual paradigm and reality that we encounter in real life.

In 3D design, graphics appear to be familiar to users, most touchably real and tangibly. Designers love a good trend, and there’s much about the 3D that suggests this trend could shape how design, advertising and photography will evolve this year.

3. Illustrations in Graphic Design

Graphic design and illustration often go together. Graphic illustrations transform its look, feel and mood at the forefront, while also making sure to adhere to your marketing strategy and design elements. It’s a great choice to build a deeper connection between your users and products or services.

4. Ultra Minimalism

We’ve all heard the saying “Less is more!” Sometimes stripping away extra elements and focusing on the core design principles can clean and simple visuals and create a memorable identity.

5. Typography craze

Typography is an art form that helps you achieve diverse, high-impact designs. Playing with typography helps you create visual hierarchy and contrast. Combined with the artistic typography and maxi typography will really stand out.

6. Line art

The line art is about making things simple, direct. When done well, line art is clean, unobtrusive, and communicates a strong message toward the main subject in your graphic design.

7. Image masking

Image masking isn’t new yet seems an exciting approach to the design world. The idea is putting an image or text within a shape. There are several ways of incorporating image masking into your design, such as using it within letters, numbers, brush strokes or basic shapes for eye-popping visuals.

8. Going monochrome

Designers love this trend because they only need to use a single color palette for any interior. It’s an incredibly simple way to bring elegance and create brand consistency. It’s a legit way to design anything by sticking to a single color palette.

Get design-ready for 2020

Trends come and go, but they’re needed—they keep you on edge, experimenting and exploring new dimensions. Challenging yourself to incorporate trends masterfully, we can’t wait to see what you create this year and beyond!

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