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Connect CustomCat to WooCommerce and WordPress

Here’s a step by step guide to set up your WordPress WooCommerce store with CustomCat fulfillment.

In order to use CustomCat to fulfill your WooCommerce orders, you must first create a website with WordPress and choose a web hosting service.

WordPress Hosting

A web hosting service provider is a business that services or hosts your website so that it can be viewed on the internet.  There are hundreds of web hosts out there but WordPress recommends any of the following: Bluehost, Dreamhost and Siteground.

Once you have selected a web hosting plan, you will be able to connect your Domain Name. Domain name is the name and destination of your website. If you don’t already have a domain name, you can register a new name through your web host now.

After you purchase hosting (storage), you’ll receive an email with details on how to login to your web hosting control panel. 

This is where you integrate your hosting to your WordPress website. Fill in your website name, admin username, and password. Click install. 

Once the installation is completed, the link will take you to the WordPress login URL. 

Congratulations you have created your first website, you may now log in. 

Select Theme

WordPress offers a variety of free and paid themes to choose from. 

Click Appearance >Themes > Add New.

Beginners select Storefront as your theme. It is specifically designed for an ecommerce business. 

Install WooCommerce Plugin

On the left sidebar, click Plugins (icon that looks like a wall plug) > Add New > Search for WooCommerce > Click Install > Click Activate 

Welcome to the world of WooCommerce!

When you get to the Welcome to the world of WooCommerce pop up, keep in mind that you can always skip steps and go back later and customize anything you want to your preference. 

WooCommerce Plugin

Page Setup

Here’s where you’ll find essential pages that you need to sell online.

WooCommerce Page SetUp

Store Locale Setup

WooCommerce Store locale setup

Shipping & Tax Setup

CustomCat will be shipping products to customers on your behalf, check the box that says “Yes, I will be shipping physical goods to customers”. Please follow all applicable Sales Tax laws in your state/country.


Now, choose how you will be accepting payments from your customers. See available payment gateways below. 

WooCommerce Payment Methods

Your Store is Ready!

Congratulations your store is ready, now you can start adding products. 

WooCommerce Setup complete

Now you’ll see two new tabs in your dashboard “WooCommerce” & “Products”.

Wordpress Dashboard

Integrate CustomCat to your WooCommerce Website

Go to CustomCat.com > Integrations > WooCommerce > Login & Connect to WooCommerce Store 

Click the “Connect” button under the WooCommerce Icon.

Connect to an ecommerce platform banner

1. Upgrade your WooCommerce to the latest version

CustomCat connects to WooCommerce by using the WP REST API v3 feature. To connect your store to CustomCat you will need WooCommerce version 3.5.x or higher. 

2. Make sure that permalink settings are not set to Default

WooCommerce WP REST API v3 currently works only when WordPress permalinks are enabled. In order to use the API, you need to make sure that the permalink setting is not set to the default value. The permalink feature depends on your server configuration – if URL rewriting is not available, then the permalinks will not work.

 Open “Settings” > “Permalinks”.

Screenshot of setting in WordPress

Under “Common Settings” choose any link structure other than “Default” or “Plain”” in order for the WooCommerce API to work. (See example image)

CustomCat WooCommerce Setup

Click “Save Changes“. 

*Please note: In order to use the latest version of the REST API you must be using: 

  • WordPress 4.4+.
  • You may access the API over either HTTP or HTTPS, but HTTPS is recommended where possible.

3. Connect the store to your CustomCat account

Fill in the following form and click “Connect”. 


Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 1.24.21 PM

Click “Approve”.

If successful, you’ll be sent back to your CustomCat Stores page and from there you can finish setting up your account settings.

CustomCat Dashboard

Once you have successfully filled out and saved your payment method and settings, your account will appear as “active”. 

Congratulations! Now you are ready to upload designs and start creating products for your new WooCommerce store.

Creating Products for Your New WooCommerce Store

Learn how to upload designs to your Design Library here:  https://blog.customcat.com/how-to-upload-designs-into-your-design-library/ 
Learn how to create and export products to your WooCommerce store here: https://blog.customcat.com/adding-products-to-your-store/
You will not be able to export products until you have at least one design in your design library. 

WooCommerce FAQs

This page contains answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions related to CustomCat WooCommerce sellers: https://blog.customcat.com/woocommerce-faqs/

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