Getting Started With CSV

Now you can utilize CustomCat’s State-Of-The-Art production facility no matter what cart or platform you use! Follow the CSV Documentation provided and the instructions below to take advantage of this manual order process.

1. Activation

You need to have been given access by our CC Rep to our Beta site:

Once an account has been created and logged in on our Beta site, you will have the option to choose the CSV connection on your ‘My Stores’ page

Next you will be prompted to ‘connect’ your store and enter your store name and URL, however this is strictly for our own records as no actual connection will be completed at this point since this is a manual feature:

You can also download from this page example CSV files and our entire CSV documentation.

The next step is activate your account in the CustomCat App dashboard, which can be done in Settings like all other integrations. There will also be a notice in red at the top of their dashboard if the account has never been activated previously:

2. Documentation & Template

To import a CSV with order data, the file needs to be formatted with certain columns and column headers for our system to be able to read all the information and process it into the production system.

This 1st half of the CSV Template contains all the product/design information required in all CSV files. Columns are required unless noted:

OrderID – Unique Identifier for the order. If multiple items are desired in an order, each item must be listed as its own line item (row) in the CSV.

LineItemID – (Optional) – Unique Identifier for each line item in the order. If a product has both a front and back location, then they need to share the same LineItemId.

Quantity – Number of the product ordered.

DesignId – Unique identifier for the design and can be anything the seller wishes.

SKU – Unique Identifier that identifies the specific product/design sold. It should be unique for each product, product color, size, and design combination. Can be anything the seller wishes.

ProductId – Unique identifier for the product and can be anything the seller desires. If our ID is used, product should be mapped automatically.

ProductName – (Optional) – Name of the product, can be anything the seller wishes. CustomCat will automatically map your product(s), color(s), size(s) if using the exact term provided in the CustomCat catalog: (

For example: ProductName = G500 5.3 oz. T-Shirt, Color = Navy, Size = M, etc.

Color – Color of the product.

Size – Size of the product. One-size products can be blank or listed as “One Size”. Other size options are: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL,3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL

DesignPosition – (Optional) – Front or Back. The default is Front where applicable and no other entries will be recognized by our system.

All the customer’s shipping info needs to be included from Columns K – S. The country should be listed by their 2 letter abbreviation, not completely spelled out.

ShippingMethod – Shipping method to use.

DesignURL – (Optional) – URL of the desired design for product if seller is hosting themselves. Can use instead of uploading to Design Library. Don’t forget to follow our Art Work Guideline –

ExactArtwork – (Optional) “True” or “False”. Use this if following CustomCat Dye Sublimation Art Templates and using DesignURL.

Notes: Once a Unique Identifier is mapped to CustomCat, CustomCat will remember it and will not require that you map it again for future orders.

3. CSV File Mapping & Submission

Once a seller’s CSV account is activated and you have your CSV file formatted correctly, you can then import your CSV file by using the Import Orders button in the top nav of your CC dashboard:

You will then be prompted to drop in your file or click to upload it from your computer:

If the file was formatted correctly, a notification popup will display showing the seller how many orders were imported successfully:

Once Continue is clicked, all your orders plus all items in each order will be listed. Any new items will require you to map the Product/Color and Design, but anything previously uploaded and mapped will automatically map to what was selected previously.

When you click to ‘Select Product’, you will be directed to our catalog where you can choose the item desired and map the needed color/size as well:

When you choose to ‘Select Design’, you will be prompted to add a design(s) from your library:

After a design is selected, you can confirm it is mapped because the buttons would now be in green, and still allows you to preview/remap if needed.

Once a product/design has been mapped, there will be a Position button that appears next to it. This is where the seller can custom position the design placement and this tool functions the same way in all integration dashboards.

Only after all products and designs have been mapped and positioned, you can submit and process your order(s) into production. Use the checkbox to select which orders need to be processed, and the order total for the selected orders will be listed at the bottom:

If the order was successfully processed, you will have a confirmation message display:


• The Unique Identifiers do not come from CustomCat. They should come from your system.
• Once a Unique Identifier is mapped to CustomCat, CustomCat will remember it and will not require that you map it again for future orders.
• Rows with matching Order ID’s are considered additional items for that Order ID.
• CustomCat will automatically map your product(s), color(s), size(s) if using the exact term provided in the CustomCat catalog ( For example: ProductName = G200 Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt, Color = Navy, Size = M, etc.
• Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL,3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, One Size
• ExactArtwork only works with Dye Sublimation products but is not required.

4. Edit Product

After a SKU has been mapped, it can be edited for future orders by accessing the Edit Product button from the top nav:

If the SKU is clicked on, you will be prompted to edit the size/color of the current product or can select a completely different product:

If the Design Remap button is clicked, you can change which design in your library it is mapped to:

After processing, the selected orders will be charged and synced into CustomCat’s Production. You can check your orders at “View Orders Queue”.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!!!

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