February Holidays Selling Guide



February is a big month filled with many gems. Who said that November and December are the expansive months? This month is full of amazing opportunities – talk about Super Bowl, Valentine’s and President’s Day – these marketing stones are just around the corner. There will be a ton of deals in weeks to come. It’s right around the time when people are finally grasping of their financial situation after a hard hit to their wallets and are ready to spend yet again!  


Black History Month


February 1 – February 28 


Black History Month is an annual recognition of achievements by African-Americans and a time for observing the central role of blacks in U.S. history.” Many companies participate in Black History Month by sharing their mission to support racial equality in their communities and with the world. It’s an opportunity to make a connection with your African-American customers on a deeper level and become known for perceiving racial equality among your competitors. If you are looking to make an impact during Black History Month, invest some time and learn about the audience you plan to target, you don’t want to become an ecommerce seller who provokes with your message. It can be a touchy subject so treat as such.



Design Ideas 


Proud To Be Black 




Black Power






National Wear a Red Day


February 1 


Showcase support in the prevention of heart disease. Heart disease is a prevalent cause of 1 in 7 deaths in the US, killing over 366,800 people a year and for that, it’s considered the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. “Approximately every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack.” Heart disease is a serious issue that Americans have been struggling for years and it has been getting worse with the lack of physical activity, proper nutrition, and obesity. How can you help?  Raise awareness about the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices and things we can adopt for collective and better tomorrow. 


Design Ideas: 












Sedentary Lifestyle 


Physical Exercise 


Fight Like A Champion 


Still Beating & Whipping Heart Disease Butt




National Hedgehog Day


February 2 


Pet hedgehogs are cute but let’s face it they are a great deal of work and many hedges are being dumped because they are not necessarily easy to take care of. They require a lot of attention. Did I mention? They are nocturnal! Based on Google Trends, the hedgehog trend is keeping pretty steady for the last 14 years. How can you prevent hedges from being abandoned by their owners when they had enough? Educate and spread information into the world – whether it’s designing hats or t-shirts, really anything helps. 




Source: Google Trends 


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.30.23 PM


Source: Google Trends 


Super Bowl LIII 


February 3


The Super Bowl is no doubt the biggest American television event each year, however, globally not so much –  the World Cup easily trumps the viewing of Super Bowl. We’ve been seeing less amount of people watching Super Bowl, that can be caused by many factors such as social media or streaming services or people simply lose interest… who knows but one thing I know for sure– you can still reach the MILLIONS of people who tune in on February 3. 


2018 Super Bowl Stats 


According to Statista; Super Bowl LI (New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons) broadcasted by NBC in February 2018 had a viewership of 103.4 million.



As you can see the average TV view ship of Super Bowl has gone down in last three years, nonetheless, your designs still reach millions.


In terms of the social media interactions of the big game, there were 170.7 million social media interactions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the U.S. about Super Bowl LII on NBC on Feb. 4, 2018.


2019 Super Bowl Keywords: 2019 Super Bowl, Mercedes – Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Home of Falcons, NFL,  Kickoff, CBS


World Cancer Day


February 4 


This goes beyond your own backyard, World Cancer Day is a worldwide event that encourages all individuals to fight, protect and inform about cancer. The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to reduce deaths caused by cancer and the opportunity to stand up and open up about prevention. Do something, it can be anything – design a shirt, get involved with social media, or share a story. Let’s work together for a better tomorrow.


National Boy Scout Day


February 8 


Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank that one can achieve in Boy Scouting program in America. “In all, 2,485,473 young men have become Eagle Scouts from 1912 to 2017. That includes every Eagle Scout since the very first one: Arthur Rose Eldred in 1912.” Scouts of America will continue to be a topic in the coming months since girls are welcomed to participate too.” This topic has been circulating the internet for some time – you should leverage it to your advantage. 


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 2.48.43 PM.png


Source: Scoutingmagazine.org


Designs Ideas based on Google trends in the past 12 months:



National Pizza day


February 9 


Can you think of food that we love more than pizza? I can’t so I’ll just leave you with this!


Design Ideas 


Love is in the first bite 


Pizza is my drug of choice 


Current State of Mind: Pizza


National Tortellini Day


February 13 


Here is to all your customers who are die-hard pasta lovers. This Italian dish is served all over the world and can be modified to a person’s food-palette. The most common fillings are meat or parm cheese.  Favorite sauces include red sauce, white sauce, and pesto sauce. 


Google Related Queries for Tortellini in the past 12 months: 



Valentine’s Day


February 14


Valentine’s Day is no longer just for couples, singles are increasingly getting involved in this holiday too. Couples and singles will continue to treat themselves on this day. Valentine’s day shopping starts early – shoppers begin looking for Valentine’s Day ideas as early as January with searches peaking in late January and early February. 


Valentine’s Day Trends 


Palentines / Galentines Day – Single or not everyone celebrates this day.  Celebrating friendships is fun and rewarding. Use designs that represent single humor, self-care, and food & drink. 


Women’s Empowerment – Feminism, Activism, Girl Power, Girls Who Code, The Future is Female, Women are Future, Powerful Women


Engagements – According to wedding wire; Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged.


Pet ParentsPet companions are popular amongst millennials and the trend continues to grow. “Pet owners humanize their pets more and more every year, and that trend has a direct impact on industry sales. Since we treat our pets like they are our children, we want the best products for them.” Pet owners continue to desire personalized products in terms of food, clothing and dog supplies. 


2018 Google Trends: US Top Searched Valentine’s Day Recipes



President’s Day


February 18


Three day weekend is always a good excuse to shop. Almost everything is discounted, as a matter of fact, many retailers discount products and services weeks in advance to get the most return on their marketing investment. Consumers are increasingly shopping online during Presidents Day — don’t think just large-ticket items, make this holiday work for you! 


Brick-and-mortar retailers begin discounting winter clothing in order to make a room for spring fashion trends. President’s day is a good time to promote last-chance winter deals – scarfs, beanies, hoodies, and sweatshirts and simultaneously introduce spring wardrobe must-haves.  


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