Father’s Day Print On Demand Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner (yet again). CustomCat has a lot of great gifts for dads. 

Whether the dad loves to spend time outside or prefers to relax on the couch, CustomCat has a wide variety of items that you can customize for every type of dad.

Although Father’s Day isn’t as popular as Mother’s Day you certainly don’t want to miss out on the 15 billion dollar holiday spending spree.

Here’s a Father’s Day guide to help you sell more print on demand products this holiday season. 

Father's Day Spending in the United States (Source: Statista.com)

Father's Day in Different Countries

June 5th  – Denmark 

Second Sunday in June – Belgium, Austria 

Third Sunday of June – Albania, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam

June 21st – Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates   

August 11th – Brazil 

September 1st  – Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand

November 10th – Finland, Norway, and Sweden 

December 5th – Thailand 

Take a look at some of these Father’s Day trends.

  • Art therapy activities 
  • Work from home outfits 
  • Home brewing 
  • Coffee  
  • Pet fashion 
  • Lake fishing 
  • Bushcraft camping 
  • Hiking fashion (designs)
  • NASA themed logos 
  • Galaxy paintings (posters, blankets, and canvas)
  • 90s 

Target Market

  • Fathers themselves 
  • Step Dads
  • Fathers-In-Law
  • New Dads
  • Grandfathers
  • Single Dads
  • Uncles
  • Husbands
  • Brothers
  • Partners
  • Sons 
  • Friends 
  • Godfathers 



Hooded Sweatshirts

Men’s style continues to evolve more than ever. In 2020 men’s clothing requires to be both fashionable and comfortable in order to succeed on the market. Our wide range of hooded products will make your customers come back for more. 


Instagram fitness models are promoting all kinds of fitness clothing, one in particular, joggers. Nowdays athletisure is a prominent staple in the fitness world. CustomCat joggers are perfect for running, lifting, crossfit, and any other physical activities.   


Soft and stylish t-shirts are a must-have in every man’s closet. Lucky for you, CustomCat has wide variety of soft-style-feel tees for every budget. We even have Amazon’s #1 Top Seller – Next Level Men’s Shirt.

Check out CustomCat’s Personalization Guide to get started. 

Design Inspiration

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New Dads

New fathers can be quiet emotional and very protective. They are more likely to appreciate sentimental gifts while they are getting used to a new role.

What’s better than tiny hand and foot prints? Prints are the perfect way to keep baby footprints forever in mind. They make for a great home decor. 

New dads spend a lot more time around the house, check out some of our joggers that are comfortable for tackling all things-baby related. 

Every new dad could use one of our color-changing mugs to chug coffee that will get him out of zombie mode after another sleepless night.

For dad who: 
  • is in desperate need of sleep
  • never gets out anymore 
  • has been changing way too many dipers 
  • doesn’t have time to shave
  • doesn’t have time to workout 
New Dad Baby Onesie

Beer-loving Dad

Beer consumption continues to grow. Just take a look at the image below, we can practically can get beer anywhere. Long are the days when beer was only available in bars and taverns. 

beer continues to expand
Image Source NBWA by Lester Jones, Chief Economist

When you are deciding on designs, take a look at this graph below to get a better idea what designs will sell. 

leading beer brands worldwide
Leading Beer Brands Worldwide in 2018 (Image Source Statista.com)

Pro Tip: Every beer-loving dad can use a cooler. Check out our product catalog. CustomCat’s 12-pack cooler is equipped with heat-sealed water resistant lining to keeps the beer nice and cold.   

For Dad who…
  • drinks beer while he watches sports
  • always loses the bottle opener
  • drinks local beer
  • home-brews his beer
  • tells drunk stories 
  • tailgates 
  • chills with beer in his hand 
  • only drinks craft beer
  • enjoys monogrammed possessions 
  • collects beer caps
  • travels across teh country to collect caps from local breweries 
  • doesn’t think his college beer pong glory days are behind him
Father's Day Beer Mug

Hipster Dad

Hipsters don’t usually follow traditional rules of the society. They are individuals with strong desire to be themselves no matter what others may say. Hipsters are well-educated and they generally continue to expand their knowledge further. Here’s an idea for a poster that you can implement to your Father’s Day collection. 

Mainstream Hipster Essentials (Image Source: The Monday Heretic)
For Dad who…
  • rocks his legendary beard
  • appreciates skateboard culture
  • wears vintage childhood clothing
  • dresses up casual but ellegant 
  • listens to chill-out music 
  • thrives on thrift stores
  • is a vegan 
  • consumes organic food 
  • rides fixed gear bikes
sister dad mug

Poker Dad

Poker dads have a variety of skills that can translate into great set of dad traits. 

Intelligence – dads who are intelligent will less likely be outsmarted by their kids 

Focus – dads with this skill have the ability to see the bigger picture and focus their energy and attention on the child to bring the child up to his/hers potential Patience – dad with a sense of patience are more likely to handle kids’ tan-trums and teen-years 

Dedication – dads who are dedicated have the willingness to push through any obstacles while raising a child  

Ability to control emotions (emotional stability) – dads with this skill can tackle any problem in calm manner 

Adaptability – dads with this trait are more likely to handle lifestyle changes

Here are some Poker Hand Rankings that you can implement into your designs. 

Poker Hand Rakings (Image Source Platinum Poker Club)

For dad who…

  • thinks about playing poker all day 
  • enjoys video poker game
  • decorates his den in all-poker things 
  • always has luck in his hand
  • is always bluffing 
  • is poker hobbyist
  • pulls all nighter to play poker 
  • is the poker geek 
  • loves to show of his skills 

Lone Dad

Nowadays fathers are taking on a role of caring for their children more than ever before. The ranks of stay-at-home and single fathers has grown in recent decades.

For dad who…

  • has single dad superpowers
  • takes care of everything 
  • knows how to muti-task 
  • is a great cook
  • is a neat freak 
lone wolf poster

Fitness Dad

Parents are the number one source of influence of child’s future. Both mom and dads are educators from very young age. Children mirror parents’ every move. Design tshirts that speak to fitness families who are installing healthy lifestyles from very early age. 

For dad who…

  • is a gym rat 
  • loves yoga and restorative exersises 
  • works out at this home/garage gym
  • gets into the boxing ring 
  • is a smartwatch geek 
print on demand fitness gear

Chill-out Dad

For dad who…

  • gardens  
  • enjoys fishing 
  • enjoys some classical music 
  • is considered by-the-pool guy 
  • is a yogi 

Golf Dad

For dad who…

  • is always swinging in front of golf stimulator 
  • is into wearable gagets 
  • is techie orianted 
  • likes to jam out with his golfing pals 
  • is always on par 
  • always loses his golf balls 
golf dad baseball hat

Father's Day Deadlines

Call to action

  • A legendary stein mugs! 
  • Custom designed to the highest standard!
  • Dad’s holiday essentials!
  • For one-of-a-kind dad!
  • Wise men dress in custom.
  • Gentlemen lead by example.   

No matter what Father’s Day theme you decide to go with this year, make sure you create designs from the heart. It’s simple, provide us with a choice of product, add design and CustomCat takes care of the rest. 

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