Effective Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

Balance is everything, isn’t that right? Both mother and father take on remarkably important roles to shape a child’s future. It’s not an easy task to be a father yet alone a dad. According to the National Retail Federation; in 2017 the biggest share of spending on Father’s Day went to special outings such as ball games, concerts, dinners, and apparel. 



Let’s sprinkle a little bit of personalization into those experiences. Nowadays, everyone is their own brand. W spend countless of hours advertising ourselves on social media whether it is in hopes of inspiring or generating revenue. As e-commerce business owner you have an opportunity to craft a carefully thought out Father’s Day designs and sell print-on-demand products for this very special day. With CustomCat it won’t cost you much, we are on-demand order fulfillment center ready to help you promote your brand. CustomCat brings your ideas to life. 

Simplicity Is Genious  

Who is your target audience?

Busy mothers doing their absolute best balancing their jobs with every little thing in-between. On top of that, children play a crucial part in the decision buying process. Make it simple. Create a page dedicated to Father’s Day products to help navigate your site hassle-free. 

Give Props Across All Demographics 

We have over 70 million American fathers serving in U.S. military away from their loved ones. Recognize Father’ Day, it doesn’t take a whole lot to say thank you. Use the power of social media; a simple tweet or short blog post to say a big thank you.  In addition offer 40% OFF to your products in support of U.S. Veterans. 

Create A Gift Guide

Everyone is searching for inspiration, at times it can be somewhat overwhelming and it can leave you with a big headache. Finding the perfect gift requires resilience at its finest. A month in advance create a gift guide to share with your audience which will give your brand more exposure to your competitors. 

Outdoor Dad

Baseball Dad

Modern Dad

Celebrate Dads All Week  

An all-time favorite campaign is a good all fashioned photo contest. Photo contests are time & user-friendly.  Photo contests will drive engagement which will create a community and in return will give your brand larger online exposure. Your audience will feel special to know that their voices matter and are more likely to re-tweet, share content on their own. 

Run Carousel Ads Screen-Shot-2018-05-15-at-10.48.00-AM.png

According to Statista, in September 2017, this photo-sharing app reached a record of 800 million users. Both, big and small businesses are using Instagram to connect brands with customers. Today, Instagram offers four ad formats; Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and the newest addition Stories Ads. Carousel Ads allow for advertisers to showcase multiple products in a single post. For instance, you have the ability to advertise to a larger audience featuring up to 10 different images /products each with its own link for a customer to purchase. This Father’s Day, tailor your products to interests – History Geek, Movie Buff, The Great Outdoorsman, Concert Fanatic and good-ole Sports Nut.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 3.00.57 PM


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