Facebook Hacks for your Business Page that You Need to Know About

Incorporate Call-to-Action to your business page

Did you know? Facebook is full of incredible surprises to help you increase your sales. Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. Let’s find out. Every successful brand nowadays has a business page that helps to drive business objectives. A call-to-action button is a necessary component to help you drive traffic to your website and generate sales. 

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Choose from 5 different call-to-actions to promote your business. For e-commerce purposes take an advantage of ‘Learn’ and ‘Shop’ call-to-action to help you increase sales. Call-to-action button is a must-have for your brand to motivate your customers to make a move toward a purchase. 

Learn – offers an opportunity to educate your customers about your ‘Why’ and a chance to learn about the core values of your business 

‘Watch Video’ &  ‘Learn More’ – Best used when launching a new clothing line. When customers click the button, they will be directed to your landing page to view your promo video and learn about your brand. 

Shop – offers an immediate call-to-action  for your customers 

‘Shop Now’ &  ‘See Offers’  – When customers click the shop now, they will either be direct to your website or your page where they can take action. 

Add Reviews 

The benefit of displaying customer reviews on your Facebook Business page is endless. It can have a positive impact on your business by increasing your credibility and promote your exceptional customer service. Ultimately it is your brand’s social proof to show the world that you deliver what you preach.

How to add reviews to your business Facebook page?

You have to be classified as Local Business to be allowed to add reviews to your Facebook business page.  

Step 1. Navigate to your page > Click About > Click Edit Category > Choose Local Service > Add your Local Address 

Step 2. When you successfully set up your page as local service, navigate the Setting section on your page > Click Edit Page > scroll down and click Add tab > Find reviews in the list of tabs and click Add tab and Voilà!

Invite people who have engaged with your post to Like your Page 

What better way than to invite people, who enjoy your content, to like your business page. For anyone who is starting out in the eCommerce business, it can be hard to put out content that your customers will love, therefore for those who do, take an advantage of this feature and invite your biggest fans to like your business page. 

To access this feature, locate the hyperlink underneath each post that shows how many people have liked it and the number of comments > Click on that link, that will bring up the full list of people who have liked the post > On the right-hand side of the pop-up menu, it’ll show which people currently like your page or not.

Like a Page as your brand

A great way to put your name out there is to support businesses, where there is a chance they might be interested in your products, by showing some love. Facebook like their ‘Page’ from your business page to get the exposure your brand needs.  

How to like a page as your business page? 

Search for the page you want to like > locate Like, Follow, Share, and Gear icon > Click on Gear Icon > Select Like as your page.  If you have more than one page, select which page you’d like to use to ‘Like’ this particular brand. 

Add a Sign Up Newsletter form to your Facebook Business Page 

MailChimp offers Facebook integration that easily lets your page visitors quickly subscribe to your newsletter. Before you can add a sign-up form to your page you must have set up the integration in MailChimp. The sign up is available on the desktop version of Facebook Only. When someone fills out the form, the person will automatically be added to your MailChimp list. The sign-up form will appear under your cover photo in the left column with Home, Posts, Photos…etc. Click this link to learn more about how to add Signup form on your Facebook Page. 

Customize your Messages 

Customers turn to Facebook messenger with questions, concerns, and comments more frequently than ever. If you plan to hold the green button proclaiming your page with timely responsiveness you will have to play the part. Use Away MEssages when you can’t respond in time letting customers know that you are out of office and will respond as soon as possible. 

How to customize your messages? 

To customize your messages to fit your personal and business needs go to your business page > Click Settings > Select Messaging > Scroll down to Respond Assistant To to change your messages. 

Pin Important Posts to the Top of Your Page

When you continuously put out content older post will get pushed down further down your timeline making it hard for your audience to see that particular post that exemplifies what your business is really about. To solve this problem Facebook has this nifty feature that lets you pin particular posts to the top of your page making sure that one hot posts never get old. If you have a promo video or professionally-taken photo use it to showcase your work/brand at the top of your page, allowing to put your best foot forward to WOW your first-time visitors and convert them into loyal customers. 

How to Pin Posts to the Top of your Page? 

Click the drop-down arrow n the top right corner of the post on your page > Click Pin to the Top. Your post will automatically appear at the top of your page with little pin icon bookmark. You are only allowed to have one pinned post at any time, interchanging the post as many times as you want. 




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