Colorful flip flops and sunglasses on the beach
Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling Flip Flops

Flip flops are considered to be unofficial footwear of summer. This simple piece becomes the go-to footwear of almost everyone during the summer months.

Flips flops are great for many activities – going to the beach or running errands.

In the past, flip flops were considered to be footwear worn explicitly by the water (tubing, surfing, or swimming). Nowadays, flip flops are used daily, both indoors and outdoors.

As technology becomes increasingly relevant in our lives, we find exciting ways to express our personalities, styles, and ideas with the world. Custom designed flip flops make for another exciting opportunity to personalize a product uniquely.

Create flip flop designs that your customers won’t able to resist.

Reasons To Sell Flip Flops

The US dominates the Flip Flops market by far, which is because of the spending power. Asia Pacific & Africa aren’t far behind. The current Flip Flops market is at $8680 million and is expected to reach $11900 million in 2024.

Product Description

Easy to slip-on thong design.  

100% rubber makes them durable outdoor footwear. 

Smooth footbed makes for comfortable wear. 

Easy to clean. 


We charge $4.99 for the first item + $1.50 per each additional product added to that order shipped domestic and $7.50 for the first item + $5.95 per each other merchandise to the rest of the world. Learn more about expedited shipping here

Flip Flops Template

Make sure to use the art guides at 300dpi for the highest quality results.

Design Inspiration

  • Bride-to-be: Bachelorette parties are no longer just one night events. Extended weekend trips are in. Especially destination trips. Party favors have gotten way more elaborate. It’s no longer just about the bride, nowadays all of the guests are gifted items such as welcome bags, sandals (cough* flip flops *cough), and cute party attire.
  • Foodie: Food designs never disappoint. Whether you like hot sauce or pizza, there are plenty of opportunities to start selling food-related items online. 
  • College: Repping your sorority or fraternity is always in style.
  • Two-related items: Here are just some of the things that go together and can make witty designs.

Salt & Pepper, Fish & Chips, Cookies & Milk, Kiss & Tell, King & Throne, Chips & Dip, Peas & Carrots, King & Queen, Hug & Kiss, Sand & Surf, Death & Taxes, Hot & Sweaty, Pale & Clammy, Gin & Tonic, Rock & Roll, and Lemons & Lime 

Social Media Hashtags

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Email Marketing Headlines

  • Footwear for adventure days
  • Slip ons wherever you go
  • Last call: Summer’s Hottest Deals
  • Amazing prices on back-to-school dorm essentials 
  • Biggest markdowns of the season: Flip flops will be gone before you know it
  • 5 Reasons to fall in love with flip flops 
  • They’ll carry you anywhere
  • Life’s better with footwear options 
call to actions
  • Get the best shoes for all year long!
  • Easy slip ons for any adventure. 
  • All in one sandal for every occasion. 

What are you waiting for? Add flip flops to your catalog today! 

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