How to create strong brand presence

Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. In the early ages of social media it was considered a luxury, however, nowadays it is a necessity to have a social media presence. Business reputations live or die by their social media standings. A cutthroat digital world is always evolving, it is a continuous learning experience. You must be willing to continue to research new ways to stay ahead of social trends. “People don’t just go on Facebook and Twitter to connect with other people anymore; they also use it to consume news, develop tastes and even shop,” said Nissim Lehyani, CEO, and co-founder of Facebook-integrated e-commerce platform Easy Social Shop. From Amazon to Pinterest, social media has become one-stop-platform to compare, select, and buy a product in a simple and convenient way on-the-go.

Mobile Friendly Convenience

According to Statista, “Mobile commerce has been on a continued rise with the availability of a range of online shopping preferences for consumers that include online purchases of grocery, toys, books, music, movies and video games, clothing and footwear, household appliances, consumer electronics, and so on. In a 2016 survey, it was found that about half of mobile shoppers turn to smartphone or tablets for purchasing products for convenience; 46 percent opted for the mobile platform to save time.” According to both Nielsen and Forrester Research, “Communication and social apps account for the most usage, followed by games, music and streaming video.” It is difficult to create loyal app users in this day and age.

Do not waste your time and resources creating a mobile App for your start-up E-commerce business. Think about it, when was the last time you downloaded an app and used it on daily basis? Very unlikely! You are more likely to delete that particular app next time you go through a thorough clean up of your mobile device. Don’t step into the app trap, however, you should absolutely have a mobile-friendly store to maintain a good reputation across the increasing number of mobile shoppers.

Tell a Good Brand Story

Good-storytelling has been around for a long time. Social media is behind the new profound storytelling age where the most authentic brand stories thrive. Social media creates very public conversations about brands, the good and the bad.  A good brand story should inspire and evoke emotion within your audience. A good story is a combination of every little thing that happened in the process of making your brand and everyone who had a part in it. Brand story is a powerful non-traditional marketing tool that provides a framework for why brands exist.

Check out the power of storytelling below: 




New Era of Advertising: Stay up to date

Remember, Super Bowl Oreo commercial blackout? “You can still dunk in the dark” It was instant, it was newsworthy and the audience loved it. People were able to relate all across the world. They felt connected. Steer away from the automated process instead look for new opportunities within the online community. Stay up to date with real-time news and events and provide a sense of belonging. Be responsive to what is happening in the world to maintain good reputation and engagement. It starts with your social media presence, be relevant and engage with a real-time audience to fulfill their immediate needs. Stay on top of your niche trends.


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