Quick Breakdown of Podcasts You Should Listen To

Do you ever feel like you have zero time to do anything for yourself? We hear you! When was the last time you picked up a self-help book to learn something new? In 2019, you don’t need to rely on physical books anymore. Podcasts make learning easy and fun! You can listen to podcasts while you grocery shop or commute to work – call them convenient!

In this blog post we put together a list of podcasts which may be helpful to you and your business to increase your profits! 

Host: Andrew Youderian
  • Tips on how to research, launch and grow an online business
  • How Andrew built two successful dropshipping companies with over a million dollars in sales
Host: Felix Thea
  • Teaches you techniques you should be using to generate passive income
  • Viral FB Ads
  • Outsourcing
  • Creating Licensed Products 
  • Running a news-worthy pop-up shops
  • Optimizing social media marketing for SEO
Host: Steve Chou
  • About small business entrepreneurs who made a name for themselves
Host: Pat Flynn
  • Strategies on how to market your business and keys to staying ahead of the curve
  • Search engine optimization
  • Building authority and trust
  • Social media marketing
  • Automation
  • Marketing strategy

For all the ecommerce girl bosses, we have something for you too! Here is an awesome list of female entrepreneurs who are rocking the internet world. Listen up and you might learn a thing or two.

Host: Jenna Kutcher
  • Jenna addresses anything from passion to building a profitable business 
  • Productivity Tips
  • Social Media Strategies 
  • Business Hacks 
  • Inspirational Stories 
Host: Rachel Hollis
  • Professional and personal real-life advice from the one and only Rachel Hollis 
Hosts: Rachel Hollis & Dave Hollis
  • This podcast is for couples who want to learn how to grow and work together professionally and personally  

Other podcasts that you may be interested in!

Host: Dave Ramsey

Educate yourself about: 

  • Debt 
  • Investing (hint: ecommerce) 
  • Retirement 
  • Insurance 
  • Marriage 

Hosts: Andrew & Matt

  • If finance isn’t your thing, Listen Money Matters is the right podcast for you 
  • Andrew & Matt engage in fun conversations that are far from boring personal finance lectures  
  • TED Talks Daily is a perfect podcast for on-the-go lifestyle 
  • Great podcast to listen to when you are lacking inspiration 
  • Some of the best innovators, entrepreneurs and business professionals share their knowledge to help you raise a successful business 

Host: Michael Stelzner

  • This podcast is filled with social media tactics and strategies to aid your ecommerce business 

Over to you, what are you currently listening to or what have you listened to in the past that you think is worth sharing. Drop us a line in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you! 

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