Ecommerce Marketing Checklist for the Holidays

Whether you are a big-time ecommerce pro or you are just starting your journey in this crazy ecommerce world, we want to help! Here’s a simple to-do list to get your ducks in a row before the start of the holiday madness.

🙿 Prepare your landing pages 

🙿 Fix broken links, 404 errors, and any other issues 

🙿 Set up abandoned cart recovery emails, chatbots, coupon codes, customer loyalty programs, web push notifications, and exit pop-ups

🙿 Check website speed 

🙿 Streamline website navigation 

🙿 Implement a great checkout process 

🙿 Adjust website SEO for the holiday season

🙿 Holiday-optimize product feeds  

🙿 Place tracking pixels (Google AdWords) 

🙿 Test mobile and desktop performance 

🙿 Adjust shipping and return policies in case of changes 

🙿 Evaluate the security of your website

🙾 Add “coming soon” or “holiday countdown” pages 

🙾 Add holiday keywords 

🙾 Prepare store banners 

🙾 Update your “About Us” page

🙾 Adjust pricing 

🙿 Create holiday greetings

🙾 Set up cross-sells and up-sells 

🙾 Personalize your product descriptions 

🙿 Choose holiday temporary color palette for your website

🙿 Add site links 

🙿 Add reviews extensions

🙿 Add copyright message to your website  

🙿 Optimize your title image metadata

Email Marketing

🙿 Create newsletters (product recommendations and holiday guides) and transactional content (empty cart, thank you, and follow-up emails)

🙿 Segment email list 

🙿 Schedule email campaigns and double-check automated emails 

🙿 Use personalization 

🙿 Run A/B testing 

🙿 Batch writing of subject lines and copies  

🙿 Make your call-to-action visible

🙿 Check for broken images and links 

🙿 Create festive headers and footers 

🙿 Mobile-optimize emails 

🙿 Pair email and social marketing together 

🙿 Add unsubscribe button 

🙿 Proofread, proofread, and proofread 

🙿 Make sure all links are working properly 

🙿 Monitor the metrics 

🙿 Check social icon links and their functionality 

🙿 Check if dynamic content works correctly

Social Media Marketing

🙿 Have a calendar with dates of promotions ready 

🙿 Use relevant product hashtags

🙿 Post photos of products and include direct links 

🙿 Include call-to-actions 

🙿 Change profile and cover photos to holiday-related images 

🙿 Redefine your audience 

🙿 Create content that people would want to share 

🙿 Set a specific time of day to answer your fans (comments, concerns, and questions)

🙿 Identify best-performing posts and modify scheduled posts to meet criteria of the best performing posts 

🙿 Reach out to influencers 

🙿 Prepare copies and images (photos) 

🙿 Schedule evergreen social media posts ahead of time 

🙿 Choose holiday temporary color palette to keep posts consistent 

🙿 Include interactive life chat support on Facebook 

🙿 Optimize your Pinterest (people search Pinterest for gift ideas, especially during the holiday season)

PPC Advertising

🙿 Set a budget 

🙿 Set key dates 

🙿 Create a buyer persona/target audience 

🙿 Craft messages 

Post Holidays

🙿 Mark your next year calendar with the major events that worked in the past  

🙿 Gather feedback from customers 

🙿 Compile analytics reports for next year (email, social, and PPC)

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