Direct To Garment Positioning & Presets

A guide on How-To use CustomCat’s Direct-To-Garment (DTG) design positioning presets. Let’s dive on in! 

  1. Click ‘Add Product’ to access our decoration methods. 

2. Click ‘Direct to Garment.’ 

3. Select a design placement:

  • Front Only
  • Left Chest Only 
  • Back Only 
  • Left Chest and Back 
  • Front and Back 

For the purpose of this guide, we selected ‘Front Only.’ 

4. Choose a product. 

5. Click ‘Next.’ 

6. Select a design and click ‘Next.’ 

7. Click ‘Position’ and choose from three different design positions. 

Full Front: Design position with maximum dimensions. 

Left Chest

Customize: Resize for more precise placement, thus your desired look.

8. Click ‘Save’ to lock the design in place. 

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