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Design Tips For Creating Top Selling Products

We hope this guide shines a light on how to execute top selling designs. 

As print on demand grows, it has become easier to start your own business. With this, we come across bigger problems. Let’s take a look. 


A trademark is a recognizable word, phrase or symbol that distinguishes a specific product or service from others. Trademark protects items under the company brand.

  • Business name: “Nike”
  • Business symbol: “Swoosh”
  • Logos: “Nike Name” & “Symbol”
  • Slogans: “Just do it.” 

What does this mean for you? Using any artwork from the internet that you don’t own or didn’t make is ILLEGAL.

Besides the legal concerns, there are other important factors that you as a seller should be looking at when designing an artwork for a garment.  

Keep in mind these next few Do’s and Do Not’s are only suggestions. 

Create a purpose behind your design

Think about what you are going to do before you put it on paper. Develop a design from ground up before you actually start sketching. What’s your “WHY”? Give your designs a meaning – inspire, motivate or educate. 

Be original

Push your creative and graphic design skills to the limit. Be innovative and experiment with different kinds of typefaces, colors, images to avoid what everyone else has already done.  

Sketch your ideas on your paper

Sketch your ideas on paper instead of skipping straight to Photoshop. You’ll come to find out that this practice generates additional design ideas.

Limit mass-produced designs

Mass-produced designs lack creativity. It might work in some instances but in general, switching one word for another won’t really work. A few well-thought-out designs are better than sloppy designs. 

Balance detail & simplicity

Some of the best selling designs are the ones that get the message across in the most simplest way. Simple text can go a long way. The human eye can only process a certain amount of information at a given time, don’t overdo it. Aim to capture attention quickly to sell more products. 

Garment & ink combinations

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the variety of colors CustomCat has to offer? We get it. Here’s is the ultimate color combinations cheat sheet

Disclaimer: All designs below were found on All images have an existing link in case you want to make a purchase. We do not receive a commission based on your purchases. These images are solely used to explain color combinations. 


Blue & White

Red & White

Steer clear of shadows

With print on demand, drop shadows can create problems causing your design to look odd. 

Avoid using filler words

Use your voice wisely. Simplify your text to avoid wordy sentences to maximize the impact of the garment’s design. Avoid using words such as – That, Just, So, Very, Really, Some, Like, Seem, Think, Almost, Rather, Stuff, Actually, Literally, and Seriously. 

Focus on composition

Some of the best designs out there are the ones that consider spacing and negative space in connection to the overall garment.  Make sure your designs look proportional. Here are is an awesome resource by Canva to brush up on your composition skills.  


Legibility and simplicity are the most important elements of your design. Make sure the letter spacing and line spacing is correct. Typography should compliment the graphic elements. Different fonts add that extra pop and make your visuals more appealing. Font choice can convey certain ideas or evoke emotions. 

Which font do you think would sell the best. The minimalist or the creative? 



Visual balance is important, especially with print on garments. To accomplish visual symmetry imagine there is a vertical line running through the center of your design. Make sure both sides have the same amount of visual elements to achieve a great look.

Ready to put these tips to the test? 

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