Print on Demand Designers

For some it’s a breeze, for others it can be difficult to start a POD business without any design experience.

We came across three 7-figure sellers; Brianna, Aaron, a Dennis. These awesome individuals are here to help you kickstart your business.

Who wants to learn a little bit more about what Design4Dollars has to offer? Let’s dive on in.

When three Print On Demand heavy hitters get together, good things happen.

Meet Design4Dollars

Comprised of 3 different 7 figure sellers, (Brianna Moller Greene, Aaron Englert, and Dennis Duncan) the team aims to take the mystery out of Print On Demand for anyone currently in the industry, or looking to get started.

“We all three decided to team up in 2018 and provide something new to the Print on Demand industry”, says Brianna Moller Greene, co-owner of D4D.

“I had wrapped up a business venture and was looking for a new business to start and I reached out to Aaron Englert and Dennis Duncan to see if they’d be interested in starting a design service offering pre-made and custom made design packs to the POD marketplace.”

Fed up with the bad advice they were seeing in several communities encouraging people to essentially “steal designs” they decided to release a free series of “Quick Hit Videos” showcasing the tips and tricks they used to get success online. offers instantly downloadable, niche related packs of 5, 10 and 25 designs, so even those without design skills can get in the game.

“One of the biggest hurdles I faced starting out was that I didn’t know how to design.” states co-founder, Aaron Englert.

“While we do offer custom design services for those who want something specific, we also offer our Ready to Rock packs for those who can’t or don’t have the time to design.”

RTR packs are only sold once, come with full commercial resale rights, and are pulled off the site at the time of purchase.

The site also offers niche related image packs that designers can use in their designs, as well as a designer program where experienced designers can earn residual commissions for artwork that D4D sells on the site. also recognizes the importance of avoiding trademark infringement.

“We have US-based VA’s that research our phrases for designs before we even put them into the design queue”, says Dennis Duncan.

“It’s a business model that is constantly evolving and we want to make sure that we take a lot of the work out of it for our customers so they can be assured that designs they get from us, whether it be for T-shirts, Mugs, Pillows or canvas wall art, that they are receiving safe design packages.”

Among their pre-made design packages, D4D also offers custom made designs, keyword research training, hand-drawn royalty free artist packs, product description training and an extensive 12-week course called Brandability, which highlights the entire process of how to build a brand from scratch using Shopify.

Here’s a little bonus video with our very own Alex Phillips giving you all the deeds on CustomCat. Trust me, you want to watch this. 

To learn more about D4D visit or email them at 

Happy Selling! 

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