5 Facebook Ad Formats to Fit Your Needs

“Two billion people use Facebook every month” – Facebook

Talk about a gigantic reach! Time to diversify your Facebook ad skills. This article will help you decide to what ad format you should use for your e-commerce business to help drive traffic and sales. Whether you are looking to expand to wider audiences or wanting to redirect your current customers to your fall collection, Facebook provides you with the opportunity, you just need to know how, so let’s dive in! 

This article contains information on Carousel, SlideShow, Video, Canvas & Boost function practices – if that doesn’t strike up any interest, no worries, CustomCat blog has a wide variety of topics that you can check out to help boost your business. Does this topic sound familiar? Read on, knowledge is a power, You might learn a new thing or two. 

1. Carousel 

Carousel ads are effective across all stages of the digital funnel. One of the biggest advantages of the carousel is increased time spend on your ad, the more time your audience spends browsing through your carousel selection the better. Increased exposure to your brand name and logo means that your brand won’t sound too unfamiliar for your audience in future ad encounters. At the beginning stages of the advertising process, Carousel is used to advertise a wide variety of products that can appeal to a wider range of audiences and attract new customers. Wide variety helps to increase your click-through rate and increase your sales. Facebook automatically optimizes carousel ad during remarketing. That alone increases your chances to be seen.

Recommended for: targeting a wider audience 

Check out Facebook’s design recommendations, see below to help you get the best of carousel advertising. 

Minimum number of cards: 2

Maximum number of cards: 10

Image file type: jpg or png

Video file type: Supported file formats

Maximum file size: 4GB

Length: up to 240 minutes

Image maximum file size: 30MB

Resolution: 1080 x 1080px

Recommended ratio: 1:1

Text: 125 characters

Headline: 40 characters

Link Description: 20 characters

Images that consist of more than 20% text may experience reduced delivery. Learn more about text in images.

2. SlideShow 

SlideShow is a great subsite for video. Not everyone has the time to create video content from scratch.  It’s a way to compete in a market where everyone watches videos. The biggest advantage of SlideShow is that it can be viewed practically even in countries with slow connection speed. Use SlideShow for introducing a new product feature, event, or showcase top customers’ testimonials to help increase your click-through rate. Check out this link on how to create killer SlideShow. 

Recommended for: less tech-savvy individuals who want to compete in the video market 

3. Video

Video is the hottest word in Facebook advertising. How does video apply to e-commerce selling? Let’s find out! One of the biggest advantages of video advertising in e-commerce is product explanation, where you can take relatively boring information and transform the information into engaging content that your customers will love. Video ads build brand awareness at all stages of business. 

Find top practices on how to use inexpensive resources to shoot high-quality Facebook videos here.

Recommended for: all stages of advertising – pioneer stage (introduce products), competitive stage (how do you differentiate yourself from others), retentive stage (introducing new products/designs) 

4. Boost Function 

It’s a fact that organic reach on Facebook is at an all-time low of 2% to 6%, and it continues to decline. Facebook boosted posts are a great way to make your organic posts stand out against your competitors who have that extra cash on hand to use paid advertising. One of the biggest benefits of a boosted post is the easy use. Simply take an organic post that has been already posted on your company timeline and with just a few clicks, your post is boosted.

As easy as it might sound, make sure to put a careful thought into your advertising strategy/goals to get benefits of boost function. Boost can be used to remind your customers about upsells & cross-sells and other deals to maintain/increase your Facebook page fans. This function allows you to reach beyond your Facebook page fans for as little as few dollars. Remember, every promotion starts with a clear goal in mind: Do you want more page likes? increase traffic to your website? or increase brand awareness? 

Recommended for: a company who relies on an organic reach as a way to make up for declining organic reach 

5. Canvas 

Canvas is one of the most expressive options on Facebook. It is tech-savvy and user-friendly.  Canva offers an instant-unique experience. Canvas fully engages your audience without any distractions.

When you set up Canva, the visitor who clicks on the ad will instantaneously trigger the full-screen Canvas, right within the app. This is a mobile-only feature. Canvas has fast loading time, therefore, there is less chance of your audience abanding your ad. Standard Facebook ads have longer load times. For e-commerce,  Canvas is a game changerCanvas functions can include a call to actions that directly take your audience to your check-out page. The mobile industry continues to grow with the recent introduction of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR, Canvas is your best bet to stay on the track with mobile advertising trends. 

Recommended for: targeting your audience’s emotions  

Facebook is a powerful tool in terms of advertising. Learn it! Use it! Love it! 


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