Effective Halloween E-Commerce Marketing Ideas

Did you know?

The origin of Halloween started as an ancient Celtic festival to fight of ghosts. Many of us can agree that the holiday has changed over time, it is now being celebrated all over the world and it is considered a day of free candy. Halloween is approaching quickly so we put together a quick guide of 10 marketing ideas to help you boost your business.

What do the numbers look like?

Halloween retail spending was $9.1 billion in 2017. That’s a new record. So was the number of people celebrating at 179 million. They spend $86.13 each, another record.

The most expensive part of Halloween is costumes. In 2017, men spent $96 each, compared to $77 each for women. As a result, almost half of Americans bought them.


It’s your time to give the candy to your e-commerce visitors. October 31st kicks off the highest sales peak of the year. We hope that you’ve been prepping for the holiday ahead of time, now working on your final touches. If you haven’t, don’t worry, we got your back! These are simple ideas to help you succeed during the busy holiday season. This blog is dedicated to small, medium, and larger e-commerce business owners who want to exceed their expectations in sales this holiday season.


Everybody expects sales during holidays, that might not be enough to get your customers excited about purchasing your products. Think about unique ways to attract your customers and guide them to the end of the purchase process. Think about what would make you tick? Free gifts?! Most likely! Incorporate the word “free” to generate buzz among your customers and promote interest to purchase. Use “Freebie” deal on your homepage or right before the checkout to catch your customer one last time.

Shopify: Freebies by Brickspace LabFreebies by Brickspace Lab – offer free products that meet a minimum order size & free gifts to customers who purchase a select item. For more information on how to get started with CustomCat Shopify, check out this article.

Price: $8/month

WooCommerce: WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift Plugin – offer free products or gifts to your customer when they purchase a product from your store. For more information how to get started with WooCommmerce check out this Getting Started with WooCommerce in WordPress article. 

Price: FREE 

E-gift Cards 

Send Halloween e-gift cards to your loyal customers to grab their attention. Gift cards encourage your customers to come back for more because they know they can save money. In addition, you can throw in a second coupon for 10% OFF in addition to the gift card to with the heart of your customers. Happy customer = more leads, it’s simple as that.  

Shopify: Gift Cards, Loyalty & Rewards by GiftWizard offer gift cards, e-gifts & reward loyal customers

Price:  $12.99/month

WooCommerce: YITH WOOCOMMERCE GIFT CARDS it allows selling gift cards of any amount

Price: $8.83 / month 

Promotional Emails

Generally, if you ask a random person on the street about promotional email, the response you most likely will get is:  “They spam my inbox.” Unless we approach the holiday season when the mindset shifts and all of the sudden customers look forward to full inboxes of promotional items. Take an advantage of the shift and create promotional material for the upcoming seasonal extravaganzaHere is a 4-step guide on how to properly execute your holiday email promotion.

  1. Start off with introducing your promotion2.
  2. Craft carefully thought out product recommendations one week leading up to the actual holiday
  3. Send  daily countdown remainders of 50%, 40%, 30% OFF
  4. Add additional discounts at checkout

Promotional Email Platforms: You can find some of the top promotional email platforms here. Just pick the one that suits your best interests. 

Holiday Blog Post 

Blog about Halloween gift ideas, many people tend to spend more time online, before the holidays, looking for gifts for family or friends. Before you decide to write a blog post, carefully research holiday keywords to see what keywords will become the most relevant to your e-commerce store. When your blog post organically reaches your audience you will see a lot more sales than from paid marketing, your readers will believe it was their idea to purchase instead of being told to purchase. Organic traffic is your way to success.

Check out Google Trends to see what’s trending. As Halloween approaches double check Halloween keywords for higher audience reach. 

User-generated content 

Halloween is a perfect holiday to incorporate user-generated content to grow your brand and build stronger relationships. This will help to build deeper trust for your brand and widen the scope of your audience. Social media is widely used in this aspect of marketing. If you plan to incorporate user-generated content, I would suggest using a visually appealing platform such as Instagram because whether you agree or disagree Halloween is a visual holiday that brings a lot of joy not only to our taste buds but eyes too. The great thing about user-generated content is the potential tendency of the content going viral – seen by millions.

Upselling & Cross-selling 

We’ve talked about this one before, upselling and cross-selling is a big deal in the e-commerce business. Every year people tend to spend large sums of money to put together one in a million costume. You might think, “Oh this doesn’t apply, I am an e-commerce seller, not a Halloween City”. Wrong! People get their costumes from everywhere including Amazon.

Halloween Designs 

Create new designs for your e-commerce business. Think about what kind of products you can offer to your audience that is relatable to this chilly-spooky weather season. What Halloween items come to your mind? To spark your imagination: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Festive Sweaters, Candy Bars, Fall-Weather related memes, and Spooky artwork.


Festive Logo 

Add a bit of festive touch to your logo to show off your Halloween spirit.  It’s important to make sure your logo stays recognizable to avoid confusion among your audience. Too much alternation may cause a negative effect on your business. Like mamma always said, everything in moderation.

Halloween Hashtag  and/or Promotional Video 

Another way to engage your audience is to start an Instagram Halloween Hashtag to get people involved in holiday shopping. If you are tech savvy market Halloween is a perfect time to make a scary promotional video. Everyone likes a scary story, it gets people off their toes to make a purchase.

Halloween Product Names

If you create new product designs you should think about incorporating Halloween based product names and descriptions to spark potential customers interests.  Your loyal customers will appreciate those little festive touches to make their experience more memorable. 



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