Laptop Sleeves Selling Guide

Laptop sleeves are incredibly useful for shoppers who travel light and want to keep their laptop scratch free. Learn how to create award-winning campaigns to increase your conversions.

Laptop Product Details

CustomCat laptop sleeves are made out of lightweight and water-resistant neoprene that hugs snug around your laptop. It is perfect for traveling as the zipper protects the laptop from falling out of the case.

Why Buyers Shop For Laptop Sleeves

The overall goal when buying a laptop sleeve is to protect your laptop, however, why not have a sleeve that you are proud to carry. Laptop sleeves can be used as a great upsell or cross-sell product to up your profits.

Design Ideas


LaptopSleeveSellingGuide_1Everyone loves accessories that make them giggle. Humor can help make connections on and off the road. For best-selling designs use jokes and funny images. Implement real-time designs that are relatable to news and memes for higher conversions.


LaptopSleeveSellingGuide_2Exploring the world has recently become a cultural phenomenon, young adults prefer to travel instead of old-school traditions of getting married, buying a house and having children. Millennials will appreciate the excitement of freedom and personalization.


LaptopSleeveSellingGuide_3Many shoppers rely on daily motivation and inspiration to get them through their day. Shoppers may want to place their favorite quote on the laptop sleeve to give them that one extra push to get through a rough day at work or while commuting to and from work.


LaptopSleeveSellingGuide_4Shoppers who are looking to advertise their personal brand will jump on this opportunity to self-advertise. It doesn’t get any easier than this, simply adding a logo to their day-to-day accessories can affect the outcome of their business success.

Call-to-action Ad Ideas

Protect and explore with unique laptop sleeve.

Travel light with your brand logo on your sleeve!

Humor everyone with your laptop sleeve!

There are no limits to designing your new laptop sleeve.

Not all those who wander are lost.

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