Creating A Manual Order In Shopify

Do you need to order a sample or a replacement? You’ve come to the right place.

Shopify’s manual order allows you to order as many samples as you want at your cost. 

1. In your Shopify admin locate and click ‘Orders’. Then click on the blue box ‘Create Order’.

2. Click on ‘Search customers’. From a drop-down menu select if the order is for an Existing Customer or a New Customer.

New Customer: Fill in their shipping information.

Existing Customer: Select the name.

3. Search for products that you wish to add. 

You can search products by:

  • All Products
  • Popular Products
  • Collections
  • Product types
  • Tags
  • Vendors

When you find a product that you were looking for, select an item and click on ‘Add to order’. 

4. Click on ‘Add Discount’.

Give yourself a 100% discount. Then click ‘Apply’. 

5. Click ‘Mark as paid’ to create your order. 

A message Mark as paid will appear stating that you will not get paid for this order. Click ‘Create Order’. 

Congratulations you are all set! You have created a manual order. 

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