The benefits of starting an online store

2018, the year of ‘Get Rich Quick” schemes and information overload, where everyone has an opportunity to start a business. The 20th century is considered to be incredibly connected world throughout social media, to name a few; Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube at zero cost. Anyone can build their own brand and self-express their passions, talents, and skills with the world while connecting with other individuals on a ‘personal level’ and developing long-lasting relationships.

For those of you who are looking to build an online business, it’s a long and steep journey to the top but well worth it! As an entrepreneur, you most likely aren’t going to start working from a beach chair in Hawaii but with hard work and dedication, you can get there. Entrepreneurship opens new doors to endless possibilities for extravagant vacations that you’ve always dreamed of. Starting an online business can be as inexpensive with a large network and close-family connections.

Online business can be as inexpensive when you use your resources wisely. With Shopify, you can start selling from anywhere as low as $29/mo. CustomCat integrates with Shopify for ONLY $30/mo. For those who are just starting out, maybe testing the waters, we offer CustomCat Lite at no cost to you. 

Isn’t that incredible?

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You can get your business running as low as $60/mo (fees may apply) with help of your connections. That one friend who is a graphic designer is willing to lend you a hand at a discounted price or a family friend who runs a photo business and will work with you to capture the tone and the feel of your business. The more people you know, the less expensive it will be. The good news is, there are no large overhead costs, you don’t have to pay monthly rent or worry about how much money you need to invest for inventory. The possibilities are endless and with the help of friends, you can start immediately.

Running an e-commerce business is hard work but it comes with perks. When you finally reached an established business and everything is running smoothly you get the flexibility of creating your own schedule and taking dreamy vacations. Even if you are on vacation your business never sleeps, you must learn to manage your time effectively to withstand the pressure of burning out and making sure you have time to recharge to take your ideas to a bigger level. You aren’t limited by an hourly wage because your income is predetermined by your productivity and your time management skills. Your success lies entirely in your hands and it depends what you do with it. Having the freedom of flexibility allows for more time with your loved ones and the things you enjoy doing.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have a safety net of bi-weekly paychecks. It might a month or two before you see another paycheck. Be prepared for highs and lows when getting your business up and running and throughout the whole process of an e-commerce business. Be patient, good things come to those who hustle. The benefit of having an online business is an uncapped income potential. Your business is open 24/7, 365 days a year and it keeps running even when you sleep. For many entrepreneurs, e-commerce is and has been a life-changing avenue for a better life.

5 Ways To Grow A Successful Business  


Offer unique content

On top of selling your products write high-quality blog posts on the topic of your expertise that is relevant to what you sell.

Allow for customers to have a voice

Run photo contests and offer prizes to the best submissions of the month.

Be available

Invest in a small team as your business grows: Customer service is an inevitable part of online business, you must always be on top of things even if it means expanding your forces.

Find your niche

Don’t even think about marketing to everyone, it won’t work.

Reinvest back into your business

Be smart about your profits, in early stages invest back into your business rather than rewarding yourself with nice vacations. Keep building your empire so you can vacation 365 days a year once your business is a reputable brand.

We hope after reading this article you venture out into building your dream a reality. Start small, ask around, listen, and read new books. Learn about the e-commerce world. When you decide to jump in, jump hard – go all in and if you ever have any questions in regards CustomCat doesn’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be more than happy to help you launch your business.


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