Back-To-School Selling Guide

As summertime is slowly winding down and days are getting shorter, online sellers are preparing for the second-biggest shopping season of the year.

Back-to-school shopping is not something sellers should take lightly.

Back-to-school shopping comes and goes in a blink of an eye, therefore we urge you to start planning, after you finish reading this guide 🙂

To capitalize on this shopping phenomenon let’s take a closer look where customers are planning to shop.

According to NRF back-to-school shopping is projected to reach $82.8 billion this year. That’s a serious chunk of money.

Let me guess, you thought Mother’s and Father’s Day numbers were a hit?

Wait until you see the numbers grow during back-to-school shopping.

comparison of holiday shopping

Many families are starting to shop early, some even 2 1/2 months before school, however, we are seeing an increase in waiting to grab the best deals.

As a marketer, you should promote back-to-school early and make sure to run deals into late September.

According to Deloitte survey, about two-thirds of shoppers plan to shop before August, spending about $100 more than those who get later start.

Focus on promotions from mid-July to mid-August, when $18 billion is estimated to be spent.

Who are the back-to-school shoppers?

Back to school shoppers are large and diverse with different needs. Targeting the right audience will establish a solid ground for your online success.

Students and parents are your typical back-to-school shoppers, however, don’t forget teachers and professors who need to get ready for the upcoming school year as well.

According to Mike Baker, back-to-school clothing is heavily purchased by individuals ages 17 and below and mothers ages 35 and above.

At the college level, according to NRF, men are outspending college women by $100 due to a few hobbies, just to name a few mopeds, gaming and stereos.

What are the top destinations for back-to-school items?

Online shopping is growing in popularity and back-to-school shopping isn’t any different.

 According to NRF; customers still prefer to shop in department stores (57%), with that said, online shopping takes a second place projected to be at 55% this year.

With free shipping options and fast delivery times, consumers are more likely to use the convince of their phone to prioritize their time – especially first-year college students who are trying to get situated with first-year to-dos.

What are the most popular back-to-school clothing products?

Clothing varies based on the demographics.

K-12 shoppers will have slightly different needs than college freshmen’s shoppers.

Your online catalog should include school colors, mascots, tailgate tees, hoodies and backpacks as you advertise your B-T-S starter pack to help you drive sales.

Back-to-school is more than competing on price alone or trying to sell across all available categories. It’s about delivering the best possible experience based on consumers wants and needs.

Back-To-School To Do List

Capitalize on Social Media

Social media promotion is key to the solid-selling foundation of back-to-school shopping.

Both paid and organic advertising should be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Your campaigns should include a range of techniques to reach a wide variety of online customers.

Include GIFs, Instagram stories, viral content, and FB video.

Many social media platforms offer a range of targeting options so you can target a specific group to get better results.

Go with the Flow of Trends

Utilize the latest fashion trends, accessories, and technology to draw in your back-to-school online audience.

Be ahead of the curve and study fashion trends and you will see a difference in your back-to-school sales.

Design Ideas

Animal Print never Goes out of Style

Animal print and graphic tees go hand-in-hand. Any animal lovers certainly will appreciate your animal collection when browsing your site.

Workout Nostalgia

The old school athleisure is coming back to town. Throwback athletic gear is gaining popularity and will be an extra hit during BTS shopping. Retro workout pieces will be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe.


Logo Comeback

A simple logo can go a long way. Logo-mania trend returns. The fashion trends move fast so you might as well run with the show as long as it last. Logos are making a return since the last popular cycle in the 90’s. Get your head in the game.


Anything Plaid

This trend is just getting started. Plaid gained popularity over the last couple of years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Plaid backpacks, jackets, and t-shirts are now in style.


Art Inspired Clothing

Art Inspired Clothing is here to shake up the black and grey wardrobe. Deborah and Warhol are just one of the few who inspired this trend. Cartoons and comic books will emerge onto the surface in 2018 trends.  

One thing we can’t know for sure, trends come and go, so take an advantage of everything that comes your way, from local events to worldwide news. Create unique designs and we will take care of the rest.

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