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Blanket is a comfort item that leaves us feeling hugged without the hassle of having to be with a person. That’s right! We worked hard to launch this product –  say hello to Custom Dye Subliminated Blankets. Are you ready to hit the ground running? Start designing now. We took the softest blankets we could find and added a sublimation method to create amazing all-over print blankets that will last a lifetime. The snuggle time just got even better! CustomCat blankets will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Keep in mind, “Many individuals sleep with a sheet even on the hottest of nights.” – Shaunacy Ferro

We need extra warm at night – in the evening our bodies internal temperature begins to cool down giving us a signal to get ready for bed. “During REM sleep, your body can’t regulate its own temperature. And for the most part, people tend to be in the REM stage of sleep right around dawn, when temperatures are the coldest.” That’s when most of us wake up shivering ready to grab a blanket.

Artwork Templates

Click the artwork image to get your guidelines. 



* Refer to sizing chart


Velveteen Micro Fleece Blanket 

  • Luxurious cozy velveteen microfleece blanket, ideal for snuggling
  • Full Color All Over Print; Edge to edge
  • Prints on one side
  • Decoration Type: Sublimation

Premium Sherpa Blanket 

  • Silky faux micro mink in front; faux sheepskin Sherpa in back
  • Full Color All Over Print; Edge to edge
  • Prints on one side. Reverse side is soft Sherpa
  • Decoration Type: Sublimation


Velveteen Micro Fleece Blanket

Dimensions  Base Cost  Suggested Retail 
KP1703 Baby  – 30×40  $14.00 $35.00
DP1726 Large  – 50×60   $24.00 $50.00
DP1729 Extra Large – 60×80  $33.00 $65.00

Premium Sherpa Blanket 

Dimensions  Base Cost Suggested Retail
 DP1731 Large – 50×60  $26.00 $50.00
DP1734 Extra Large  – 60×80 $34.00 $65.00

Blanket Themes

Milestone Baby Blanket 

The first 12 months of baby’s life are like no any other. They deserve to be documented. 

  • First 30 days 
  • Months
  • Holidaysbabytheme_babymicrofleece

Sports-Related Blanket

Sport is a universal language across the world. People love to share their passions with others. 

  • Sports 
  • Players 
  • Positions 
  • Equpiment 


Animal Blanket

These blankets are perfect for snuggling just about anywhere with or without a pet.

  • Images of Animals 
  • Animal Prints (Zebra or Leopard) 
  • Pet Names 


Quote Blanket

We resonate with different types of quotes throughout our life. 

  • Quotes that help through difficult times
  • Quotes that inspire to achieve greatness 


Event Blanket

People love to buy blankets from specific events as a token. Design blankets that you can sell prior an event. 

  • Company outings 
  • Tailgates 
  • Drive-in movies


Pattern Blanket 

A pattern is an effective way to promote almost anything. 

  • Holidays  
  • Food
  • Cars


6 Ways To Use Blankets 

1. Stay toasty on a back porch or a deck 

2. Snuggle up in front of a fireplace 

3. Get comfortable on the sofa while watching a movie or while you read a book 

4. Stay warm during a drive-in-movie experience 

5. Keep warm during outdoor sporting events 

6. Use it as a campground essential 





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