4 Strategic Ways to Promote your E-Commerce Business

In today’s Technology Age there is a number of ways to promote your online business and strategically tailor your product to a targeted audience through a variety of means. The 4 marketing techniques in this brief article are easy to implement on any budget, regardless if you are a new entrepreneur or well – known brand.

1. Make Your Social Media Your Best Pal

The web connects users in their homes and workplaces creating business transactions.  As an entrepreneur, you must think past brick-and-mortar stores and stop waiting for customers to arrive. Moreover, you dictate the future growth of your e-commerce business. According to Social Media Today, “The amount of time people spend on social media is constantly increasing and a majority of time spent is on a mobile device. The average person will spend nearly two hours on social media every day, which translates to a total of 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime.” Consequently, social media is your leverage to successful ROI. Invest smart!

2. Create Partnerships 

Partnerships are on the rise, content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand. In fact, people buy on emotion and justify the purchase by logic. Your best bet is to connect with successful Instagram bloggers with a large following to promote your small business. With the right partnerships, benefits are endless. Furthermore, your brand will be introduced to a new audience, which will increase visibility and strengthen the value of your brand. In fact, make sure to pick a social media influencer whose core values align with your brand core values for a successful long-lasting relationship.

3. Leverage The Power Of Podcast 

According to The Mission “Podcasting has come a long way since the first podcast hit the web in 2003 as Radio Open Source. In 2009, only 9% of Americans listened to podcasts. Today, that number is nearly 40%, with 24% of total Americans listening to a podcast monthly. That’s nearly 60 million people. And the % of people listening to podcasts is going up.” Podcasts are excellent mediums for brands who are trying to get their brands known. Podcasting is a unique way to engage your audience in day-to-day activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and driving. Accordingly to Convince & Convert with Jay Baer; 85 percent of listeners hear the entire show or most of it. Diversify with podcast advertising to create a buzz around your newly launched brand.

4. Email Promotions 

Email promotion is a widely known tool to promote a new business yet it is crucial to have an understanding of the entire process. First and foremost, the subject line has to generate curiosity among the customers to click on the email itself. The sole purpose of the email is to convert. Second, make sure the call to action is concise and clear. In fact, steer away from lengthy and confusing sentences. Third, a successful business runs on a sense of urgency. For instance, add a deadline to push a customer to take an immediate action. There is no one-size- fits all, use your imagination and conduct thorough research to properly execute email promotion in the digital world.

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