Ecommerce Conferences That You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s never too early to start planning a trip to attend a conference or two. If you feel like there is something missing and you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level, one of these events might be just the right thing for you.

You’ll see some conferences have “The Program is not yet available, will update as soon as it becomes available. Thank you! “, that’s because details haven’t been specified yet, as soon as the agendas get updated we will let you know. Thank you for your patience. 

NRF 2020 Vision Conference banner

Key speakers: Learn from the best of the best. 

  • Michelle Gass – Chief Executive Office at KOHL’s
  • John Furner – President and CEO at Sam’s Club
  • Tom Lewand – CEO at Shinola
  • Karalyn Smith – Chief People Office at Sephora

Los Angeles, CA – January 28-29

  • Integration of OmniChannel into and eCommerce Strategy 
  • Pursuing the Right Customers through Paid Advertising 
  • Managing Content in eCommerce 

Tokyo, Japan – January 28-29

  • It features more than 120 top solutions, ready to help your business succeed. 
  • With over 60 sessions covering various topics and trends.
  • Connected Retail: Bringing Offline & Online Together – Zalando 
  • The Customer is a relationship, not a transaction – Walt Disney 
  • What is content marketing? – Vice 
  • Are your customers real? How fraud degrades growth – Ravelin 
  • Others: McDonald’s, ING, Deloitte, KLM, and more.  

Future of Retail & E-Commerce

  • The Program is not yet available, will update as soon as it becomes available. Thank you!

The Program is not yet available but here are the topics that this conference may include: 

  • Development of a new ecommerce website or strategic digital initiative
  • Social media marketing
  • Something you’ve done with a channel partner to collaborate and grow sales using digital
  • A process improvement you’ve made that relates to e-commerce or web marketing
  • Any process you’ve automated – for example, through artificial intelligence, blockchain, or other resources that remove manual processes
  • Small improvements are also worth sharing
  • Competing effectively in the world of Amazon 
  • Mobile engagement 
  • Managing content in ecommerce 
  • Targeting and personalization 
  • Integration of omnichannel into an ecommerce strategy 
  • How HP uses megatrends to look to the future of business and ecommerce 
  • The payments panel
  • Loyalty Beyond Discounts – How To Build & Scale Up A Brand Through Engaging Content & Product Stories 
  • Agile Content Creation To Drive The Customer Experience 
  • People vs Process: The importance of culture in customer experience 
  • How to better structure your customer data for personalization to go beyond basic product recommendations 
  • How to build a winning brand and become #1 in its niche 
  • How can you tell your story and create something with a lasting impact to grow your business? 
  • How to unlock premium value across your omnichannel ecosystem to develop meaningful relationships between your brand and your customers 
  • How can you create much more personal and “human” experiences across moments, channels, and buying stages? 
  • Personalization as the core driver f how you do marketing – What do you need to focus on now to turn the future into a reality
  • Marketing local while going global  – How to overcome issues of culture, language, data regulation, and a host of other factors to establish yourself and build a loyal customer base 
  • The road to 2025 – How to reinvent your physical and online store and supply chains to meet digital consumer needs
  • Identifying and selecting the right fulfillment partners 
  • Case studies in personalized marketing 
  • The future of social commerce 
  • Engaging customers through next generation mobile experiences 
  • Voice-enabled commerce 
  • Measuring and exceeding customer expectations 
  • The Program is not yet available, will update as soon as it becomes available. Thank you!

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